Teenage Ostomy: Making It Less Awkward

Adjusting to life with an ostomy can be difficult, but adding the stress and peer pressure of our awkward teenage years can make this adjustment seem nearly impossible. Young adults, and teenagers in particular, can have self image issues and adding an ostomy into the equation can only make things worse. In order to overcome any potential stigma, teens and young adults need to be given the necessary tools to maintain their quality of life. Consult your doctor or ostomy nurse for local resources and support groups. Knowing that you are not alone and that there are other teens and young adults that have already faced this challenge will help you cope and adapt to your ostomy.

It’s Not so Obvious

 Teenage Ostomy: Making It Less Awkward

Sometimes we can be oversensitive to issues that might not be so overt to others. This is probably because we are self-conscious to things that are not so obvious to those around us. As mayoclinic.org points out, your ostomy pouch is obvious to you and every noise or odor coming from it is noticed by everyone around you. The truth is most people around you won’t know anything unless you tell them. As you get more comfortable and accustomed to your ostomy you will find ways to conceal your pouch and minimize odors. For instance, the Tytex Carefix StomaSafe Classic Ostomy Support Garments support your ostomy and allows for an active life while reducing and kicking pouch noise. They are easy to pull on and are compatible with both one and two piece systems. Working with your ostomy nurse, you can come up with which pouching system works best for you and which potential deodorant sprays can help minimize odors. Your nurse can also come up with helpful tips for making your pouch inconspicuous to others. One example that can be employed is the Phoenix Ostomy Support System Belt . This belt is made of soft, stretchy and breathable fabric that encloses your pouch in a fabric pocket which reduces pouch noise. Mayoclinic.org suggests emptying your pouch when it is one third full in order to minimize bulging underneath your clothing.By releasing gas buildup in the pouch, try using the Kem Osto-EZ-Vent Air Release Device . It fits both one and two piece pouches and is a simple and easy way to release air anytime or anywhere. This can reduce your pouch’s profile against your abdomen, making it more inconspicuous. A great aid in letting you know when your pouch is becoming full is the Ostom-I Alert Sensor Single Use Device for Ostomy Bag . It can alert the user via Bluetooth to a mobile app alerting patients to when their pouches are filling. A small amount of trial and error should provide the option that works best for you.

Be Fashionable

Many young adults may feel that living with an ostomy limits their choice of fashionable clothing. The truth is there are no clothing restrictions just because you have an ostomy. However, mayoclinic.org points out that individual body contour and location of the stoma can make some clothes less comfortable. A good example is tight waistbands or belts which might feel uncomfortable over your stoma. Women might want to take advantage of the Options Style 88004 Ladies Brief With Built-in Ostomy Barrier Support. It provides concealment by distributing pouch contents across the abdomen to conceal and prevent ballooning, therefore giving a flatter abdominal profile. For men that want to conceal their ostomy, the Options Style 93206 Mens Brief With Open Crotch And Built-in Ostomy Barrier Support can be worn during daily activities such as exercise, sleep, under swimwear, and even intimacy. It prevents ballooning and distributes pouch contents across a larger area. One way to prevent unsightly lines and bulges is to use the Nu-Hope 4 Inches Original Flat Panel Support Belt Cool Comfort Elastic - Adult. It’s no stretch panel is recommended for pouch support and hernia prevention that is adjustable due to its Velcro type closure. Also the Nu-Hope CareFix Support Garment provides support and stability while serving as a lightweight pouch cover. There are many options that should allow you to wear your favorite clothes as well as the latest fashions!!

Eliminating Odor

 Teenage Ostomy: Making It Less Awkward

One aspect of living with an ostomy that might make us self-conscious is odor control. Eliminating odor associated with an ostomy can go a long way towards peace of mind. Some pouching systems are available with odor filters built in, while others may require an extra step to eliminate embarrassing odors. The Parthenon Devko Ostomy Pouch Deodorant Tablets are dropped directly into the pouch and eliminate odors while eliminating messy liquids. Eliminating odor in ostomy appliances can be made simple by using the Genairex Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant . It helps prevent unpleasant smells and foul odors in the pouch. In order to reduce pancaking (common to colostomy users) the Safe n Simple Ostomy Appliance Deodorant can help in emptying the contents of your pouch as well as eliminating odor. Application is a snap with the tilt top cap. Another way to feel more secure in public is to use the Fortis Entrust Ostomy Lubricating Odor Eliminator which eliminates odors and not just cover them up. It is latex free and is gentle to the stoma and surrounding tissue while also lubricating for easy pouch drainage. Some filters can be added to pouching systems, such as the Coloplast Filtrodor Pouch Filter. It adheres to the pouch for added protection from ostomy related odors by using activated charcoal. Disposal of a used ostomy pouch can create an embarrassing moment, but with the Ostaway Ostomy Disposal X-Bag disposal can be quick and discreet. It can handle the output of both ileostomy and colostomy pouches and is compatible with all major brands of one and two piece ostomy appliances. With ostomy pouch odor controlled, teens and young adults won’t have to fear embarrassment in public while maintaining their quality of life. It’s hard enough navigating the waters of our teenage years without having to deal with an ostomy, but with a little support from peers you can find what will help you overcome any possible problem.


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