Cymed MicroSkin One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Opaque 7 Inches Drainable Pouch With Charcoal Filter

Cymed MicroSkin One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Opaque 7 Inches Drainable Pouch With Charcoal Filter

Brand/Manufacturer: CYMED
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Cymed MicroSkin One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Opaque 7 Inches Drainable Pouch With Charcoal Filter offers an unmatched level of comfort and security. It includes an integrated Gore-tex charcoal filter and a unique and innovative Microskin adhesive barrier which is a transparent, hypoallergenic, odor-proof and polyurethane film. It is thin and elastic so it conforms to the users body when they move and stays on.


  • Cymed MicroSkin One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Opaque 7 Inches Drainable Pouch With Charcoal Filter is latex free
  • MicroDerm washer provides extra protection and support to the skin surrounding the stoma and is composed of pectin hydro-colloid
  • Gore-tex charcoal filter effectively releases gas and eliminates odor and the tab provides waterproof protection of the filter
  • Waterproof comfort backing so that it stays on while showering, swimming or hot-tubbing
  • Drainable pouch can be easily emptied by releasing the closure at the bottom of the pouch
  • Barely visible when in place around your stoma and stretches and moves with you
  • Durable and supports the pouch without belts, tapes or additional glues
  • Transparent which allows you to visualize the health of your skin
  • Breathable and moisture-vapor permeable for healthier skin
  • Simple towel dry as you would your own skin
  • Composed of Cryovak odor-proof material

More Information

  • Basic steps for Microskin Application:
    MicroSkin is easy to apply. The MicroSkin barrier comes with protective paper on BOTH sides. The side strips allow you to handle the barrier without touching the adhesive. Hold the pouch so that you can look at the writing.
    - Fold down the top of each side strip creating a tab for later use. Remove the circular paper in the center if your pouch has a washer.
    - Remove the printed square cover paper from the MicroSkin barrier.
    - Holding the vertical side strips, apply the pouch over the stoma.
    - Remove the strips of paper from the sidebars by pulling the tabs at the top of each strip, and press down the edges of the barrier.
    - Remove the paper frame from the non-adhesive side of the barrier and feel the softness and flexibility of MicroSkin.
  • How to Use:
    - Begin by cleansing the peristomal skin with mild soap and water (soaps should be free of oils and creams). Pat dry thoroughly. The skin should be free of any solvent or greasy substances.
  • Skin Barrier/Wafer Preparation:
    - Measure the stoma size with the measuring guide provided. Select a skin barrier/wafer with a flange (white ring) that is at least 1/2" (13mm) larger than the widest diameter of the stoma. If this size is not available, go to the next larger flange size
    - Trace the exact stoma size onto the center white release paper on the back of the skin barrier/wafer. The small starter hole should be in the center of your tracing
    - Cut along the tracing with curved, short-blade scissors
    - Remove the white release paper. Do not cut or remove the material under the AutoLock lever
    - Leave the release paper on the outer tape collar in place
    - Stomahesive Paste* can be applied to the back of the skin barrier/wafer to further fill gaps between the skin barrier/wafer and the stoma
    - Allow the paste to set for one minute prior to application to the skin (Do not spread the paste)
  • Application Of SUR-FIT AutoLock Skin Barrier/Wafer:
    - Place the skin barrier/wafer gently over the stoma with the lever in the 12 O clock position
    - Press the skin barrier/wafer against the skin, paying particular attention to the area closest to the stoma
    - During application, maintain gentle pressure on the skin barrier/wafer for 30 seconds to improve adhesion
  • Application of SUR-FIT AutoLock Flexible Skin Barrier/Wafers:
    - After the center disc is in place, remove one side of the release paper on the tape collar and smooth onto the skin
    - Repeat with the other side, making sure the tape is smooth and wrinkle free
  • Application of SUR-FIT AutoLock Durahesive Skin Barrier/Wafers (Important):
    - The Durahesive skin barrier/wafer will swell around the stoma, resulting in a turtlenecking effect
    - This is a normal function of the skin barrier/wafer and will not harm the stoma or prevent flow of urine or stool, even if the stoma is completely covered
  • Attachment Of The SUR-FIT AutoLock Pouch:
    - Make sure that the inner surfaces of the pouch are separated and that the pouch contains a small amount of air
    - Position the pouch flange (white ring) over the skin barrier/wafer flange
    - With a light touch, snap the pouch onto the skin barrier/wafer
    - Important: A gentle tug downward on the pouch will confirm that the pouch and skin barrier/wafer are firmly together. You will hear a click as the system locks securely into place
  • Use of SUR-FIT AutoLock Closed-End Pouches with Filter:
    - If you have a colostomy, simply snap pouch on to the skin barrier/wafer
  • Use of SUR-FIT AutoLock Drainable Pouches:
    - If you have a colostomy/ileostomy
    - For attachment of the tail clip, fold the bottom of the pouch over the tail clip only once
    - Press firmly on the center of the clip until it snaps securely closed
  • Use of SUR-FIT AutoLock Urostomy Pouches:
    - If you have a urostomy, make sure the tap on the pouch is closed before attaching pouch to skin barrier/wafer
  • Pouch Removal:
    - To disconnect the pouch from the skin barrier/wafer, simply move the locking tab to the left or the right and lift the pouch off
    - Be sure to secure the pouch with your other hand
  • SUR-FIT AutoLock Closed-End Pouches:
    - Closed-end pouches provide quick, easy and discreet pouch changes
    - Remove the closed-end pouch, place it in a plastic baggie and discard it in the nearest trash can and/or in accordance with local disposal regulations
    - Do not flush the pouch in the toilet
  • Skin Barrier/Wafer Removal:
    - Gently pull the skin barrier/wafer down, away from the skin, while supporting the adjacent skin with your other hand

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