Hollister ActiFlo Irrigation Bag
Hollister ActiFlo Irrigation Bag

Hollister ActiFlo Irrigation Bag

  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Hollister ActiFlo Irrigation Bag is recommended to optimize stool consistency and to facilitate evacuation through the catheter. Patients with very loose or watery stool may require less irrigation. Only for use with the actiflo indwelling bowel catheter system.

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More Information

  • Irrigant Administration:
    - Position the patient on left side in slight Trendelenburg position
    - Fully inflate the air bed (if one is in use)
    - Fill the ActiFlo irrigation bag with 300 mL to 500 mL of lukewarm water or saline (as prescribed by physician)
    - Hang the irrigation bag from an IV pole 2-3 feet higher than the patients anus
    - Connect the irrigation bag administration tubing to the CLEAR connector (IrrigRx) after removing the white-capped tethered adapter. Open the roller clamp on the irrigation tubing.
    - Allow the fluid to drain by gravity into the rectum and colon over approximately 10 minutes.
    - If the irrigant will not infuse or infuses slowly, squeeze the gravity bag to clear the occlusion
    NOTE: If the patient experiences cramping or leakage, it may be related to irrigation volume, irrigation rate, or irrigant temperature. These may need to be adjusted for each patient. NEVER use a hot liquid as an irrigant.
    - Post Irrigant:
    - Allow drainage of the fluid and feces out of the rectum and colon.
    - Drainage may be facilitated by positioning patient in a slight reverse Trendelenburg position to assist gravity.
    - The return may not be complete or immediate.
    - Strip the catheter tubing (starting at the anchor straps) to push remaining stool and fluid into the collection bag. Empty or replace the collection bag as needed.
    - Verify connection to the correct catheter connector.
    - Do not connect irrigation bag to an IV.
    - Do not use irrigation bag for enteral feeding.

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