Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel

Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel

Brand/Manufacturer: TRIO OSTOMY USA
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Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel is a silicone gel that is used to fill skin folds, creases and uneven areas around the peristomal skin to provide a better surface for the application of an ostomy appliance. Unlike hydrocolloid pastes or strips, Trio Silken will not absorb moisture or body waste and will not break down, leaving one with a difficult and messy substance to remove. Instead, as wear time progresses, it cures to a single piece of silicone adhesive that removes in one piece when fully cured.

Trio Siken Stoma Gel Benefits

  • Creates an even skin surface
  • Longer usage and improves hygiene
  • Remains soft and flexible
  • Does not rely on heat or air to solidify
  • Solidifies slowly to fill skin gaps and creases

Trio Silicone Stoma Gel Features

  • Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel developed with Responsive Silicone Technology
  • Stop small leaks of body waste or gas from escaping
  • Does not absorb body waste and allows skin to breathe and therefore not sweat
  • Prevents from breaking down throughout the day and leaves you with a hygienic strip that can be removed in one piece
  • Does not aggressively tug on skin to cause soreness
  • Creates an even skin surface prevents leakage of body waste and gas
  • Does not absorb body waste delivers longer usage and improved hygiene
  • Remains soft and flexible allows natural movement of the skin
  • Removes in one piece will not leave a sticky, difficult to remove residue
  • Does not rely on heat or air to solidify uses the skins natural moisture to turn into rubbery gel
  • Solidifies slowly will remain soft until the skins gaps and creases have been filled
  • Responsive Silicone Technology:
    • Highest level security and comfort to get through every day
    • Maintain integrity for longer and therefore maintain adhesion
    • More hygienic than hydrocolloid product
    • Prevents infections in the skin around your stoma and calms irritated skin
    • Unique flexibility

What to buy with Trio Silken Gel

Trio Silken Silicone Stoma Gel Indications

  • Directions For Use:
    • Step 1: Take the tube of Silken, remove the cap and puncture the foil seal using the point on the reverse side of the cap.
    • Step 2: Squeeze the silicone gel from the tube directly onto the skin to fill any depressions and skin contours.
    • Step 3: Apply your pouching system in the normal way directly onto the wet gel. You don’t have to wait for the gel to set.
    • Step 4: The gel will cure/set under the pouch during normal wear time. Unlike other pastes, Silken remains flexible and will be very comfortable in use.
    • Step 5: To remove the gel, gently peel the wafer of your pouch from the skin as normal. Usually the gel will be stuck to the wafer and will peel away with it. If not, it will be very easy to peel off the gel in one piece after use. It won’t leave any residue on your skin.

Note: Always make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying Silken, as it will not adhere to wet skin. Silken can be used to fill uneven skin or areas that are prone to leakage.

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