I find that ordering from your store online is very handy because the products ordered are sent immediately and correctly, also the products are good. I will inform my friends that if they need any health products to order them from your company if they want good service.

Philip A
Irvington, NJ


EXCELLENT!! I am not sure you can provide any better than you already do. The last place I bought these tripled their prices in one month; then lied to me about it. Being on a fixed income as I am, this was devastating to me and as I was not prepared to spend anywhere near that amount... and no one in that office seemed to care at all! They did try to fix it later but I had talked with you on the phone by then and liked your service so much that I will only use you for any future purchases!! :-) My sincere thanks!! Debbie

Deborah E
San Martin, CA


To all whom are looking for health equipment aids, supplies and the like, there is no more efficient site on the internet than the site you are now searching. Prices are more than fair; email confirmations and/or invoices that have prices on them (wow what a novel concept) can finally be found here, as well as the fastest shipping you've ever experienced over the internet!!! My last order was placed day one, I received an email that day confirming my selections and prices charged to my credit card. The actual product came the next day!!!! What more can you ask for?

Many sites could learn from this website as a model for success....

Robyn D
New Jersey


Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful service. I made an error on your order recently and you took care of it and me in a kind and humane way. Those of us on a fixed income with no healthcare bill, treasure your kind of service and value. With thanks and best wishes.

Marion F
San Rafael, CA


Very professional company and helpful website. I have ordered products from you and they have arrived in perfect condition without problems and your prices are very good too!! I have told several friends about the company and will not hesitate placing future orders. I will be placing another order within the next several days. Keep up the good work!!!

Marcia M
Livonia, MI


Thank you for your excellent service. My son's Mic-Key button was accidentally pulled out at school. I had a replacement at home but needed to to order a new replacement for backup. I placed the order online at 1:50 PM on a week day and it was delivered to my door the very next day! It is wonderful to know that speedy and quality service is out there.

Lori B
Keyser, WV



I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful source of my medical supplies! One of the items I use quite a bit, but find you don't have, is Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover # 7731. You will find that this is quite a handy product. First, I reinforce my urostomy pouches' adhesive sides with Hollister Medical Adhesive spray. This helps them last a lot longer without any leaks. Once I finish putting them on, I find my hands and fingers are quite sticky from the spray. I spray a few squirts of Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover on my hands and wipe them with a towel. This removes all of the stickiness. (Hey, I'm a paraplegic and I don't want to get my hands permanently attached to my rims).

 Secondly, it is dangerous to remove an Ostomy pouch too soon. Simply pulling on it without using a Medical Adhesive Remover will damage the delicate tissues surrounding the Stoma area and the general area of the epidermis underneath the Urostomy. If I should have the occasional pouch pop and need to change my Ostomy on the same day I put it on: I find a squirt or two of Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover on the upper edge of the mounting flange will loosen it quite well. This allows a SAFE removal of the ostomy pouch without any ripping or tearing of the delicate tissues near the Stoma. I think Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover # 7731 would be an excellent addition to your inventory.


James C
York, SC


Thanks for your service this past year. My mother no longer needs your products. I was pleased with how easy it was to dealing with you, ordering via the internet and having products delivered to the door. Thanks again.

Springfield, VA

ConvaTec SUR-FIT Natura Two Piece 12 Inches Drainable Pouch With One Sided Comfort Panel - At first I searched the net looking for a good priced product that had good quality also. It took me about a month before I found the right place (HPFU). I have been here ever since.

Jim S
Twin Falls, ID

I enjoy shopping here because the selection of products is large and their prices are great. Their customer service is also wonderful.

Donna R
Oklahoma City, OK