Scott Specialties, Inc. Is a trusted and respected manufacturer since 1962. It’s a North American manufacturing company headquartered in Kansas, USA. Scott Specialties manufactures rigorous, high quality orthopaedic and paediatric soft goods. Its products are used to treat arthritic joint symptoms, pain from sports and repetitive strains, as well as pain and discomfort brought on by accidents, injuries, repetitive stress on tendons and muscles. The company serves orthopaedic, industrial, sports medicine, and retail markets in the United States and internationally.  

Scott Specialties manufactures over 2000 different products for the US and International Orthopaedic (medical), Industrial, Sports Medicine, and Retail markets. All products are CE marked and meet all FDA and European quality standards. Branded product offerings include: the Scott full line of orthopaedic supports, CMO brace for the DME market, and the Workforce Industrial line. Scott Specialties retail offerings are Sport-Aid, Sport-Aid Gold, Preferred 1st, and Loving Comfort brands. Additionally, Scott Specialties has the exclusive license to manufacture and market PEANUTS paediatric soft goods. They have many specialty products and are one of only a few USA manufacturing companies with circular knitting capabilities producing knitted compression supports for the orthopaedic markets. 

Some of the brands include:   

1. Sport Aid Retail Orthopedics 

Sport Aid has a large selection of high-quality items that can keep you moving. supports that aid in easing the pain and discomfort brought on by accidents, injuries, arthritis, and repeated stress on tendons and muscles. To get the best therapeutic results, try the Sport Aid product. Healthcare professionals all over the world rely on and recommend Sport Aid. 

2. Preferred 1st Arthritic Supports 

A new line of heat retaining supports designed to help with self management of arthritic joint symptoms, sports and repetitive strains. Preferred 1st provides support and temporary relief of painful tendons and joints. Unlike traditional heat therapy, ThermaDry3 material is comfortable, longwearing, go anywhere heat treatment; helping to keep you active. 

3. SCOTT Brand Supports, Braces and Immobilizers 

They offer a wide range of supports suitable for the medical, clinical and rehab markets. Include within the vast array of products: Scott Specialties Wrist Support and splints and immobilizers, shoulder immobilizers, Scott Specialties cervical collars, back supports, hinged knee supports and more. 

4. Loving Comfort Maternity and Postpartum Supports 

Loving Comfort is more than support and comfort for you and your baby. Scott Specialties Inc. family of products give expectant and new mothers comfortable support through all stages of pregnancy. Their patented design is the leading maternity support on the market today.  

Loving Comfort Maternity & Postpartum Supports are made with Repreve, more than a 100% recycled fiber. It’s a reprieve for our planet’s resources. Repreve diverts valuable materials from the waste stream and converts them into something useful. That’s why the Repreve process includes collecting and using pre-consumer waste from manufacturing. Repreve takes less energy and fewer resources to make than starting from scratch. 

5. Loving Comfort Therapeutic Compression Hosiery  

Graduated Compression Hosiery has been proven effective in the prevention and treatment of venous disorders. Loving Comfort is a medical grade hosiery line fitting for most consumers. Using state of the art knitting machines, Loving Comfort offers affordable and fashionable support for both women and men. Available in a range of compressions, styles and colors, it is a perfect addition to the HHC category. 

Where can I buy Scott Specialties Inc. products online? 

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