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What are Ostomy Accessories?

Check out this huge range of accessories which are to be used with ostomy supplies. We have seals and barrier rings, pouch closures, face plates, stoma caps and hats, ostomy garments and barrier discs. Try out the stoma mounting rings available in different shapes. Also useful to have are absorbent gel tabs/packs which keep effluent away from the barrier and increase wear time. Select from our collection of tape and barrier strips, seal powder pads, applicators, cutting tools, ostomy dressing, pouch covers and much more. All of these are moderately priced, plus at great discounts!

Available Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy Belts

Ostomy belts support the weight of medical appliances those attached to the stoma. To help you live your life your way we offer a wide range of Ostomy Support Belts so that you can roam freely. Ostomy Belts are available in different types such as Regular Elastic, For Right Side Stoma, Cool Comfort Elastic, For Left Side Stoma, Wide Elastic.

Pouch Cover

Pouch covers go over an ostomy appliance and are a great way to conceal the contents of your bag and add a little style to your appliance at the same time. Pouch Covers is used by ostomates who use clear bags. Pouch covers offer an easy way to hide the contents of your bag. This can be especially helpful if you like to wear your bag over your clothes. They are available in several material choices and patterns, you have unlimited options to choose from. They are cooler to wear compared to other products like ostomy wraps or support belts.

Stoma Caps/Hat

Stoma caps or covers are used to place over stoma in case os stoma drainage. Patients having sigmoid or degressive colostomy might irrigate using stoma covers or caps. These caps are designed to regulate colostomy discharge with irrigation. Austin Ampatch Microporous Adhesive Stoma Caps are flexible and waterproof, one-piece stoma cap with flesh tone color and very low profile. They collect and retain the mucous discharge from the stoma of individuals that have a continent ileostomy, continent urostomy, regulated colostomy or mucous fistula.

Barrier Disc

Barrier Discs protect peristomal skin and prevents corrosive leakage by creating a secure seal. It’s like your second skin.

Pouch Closures

Pouch closures are used to seal the ends of pouch thus eliminating the need of a clip

Seals/Barrier Rings

Adapt flat barrier rings help in preventing ostomy drainage to get under the ostomy barrier. Flat barrier rings are used to caulk uneven skin near the stoma to create a flatter surface. These Barrier rings come in the form of stretched, cut or stacked together to improve pouching fitting.

Where to buy Ostomy Accessories online?

Shop Ostomy Supplies offers a wide range of ostomy Accessories like Stoma caps, Mounting ring, stoma cuttors, absorbant gel, seals and barrier rings and much more from top manufacturers of the industry such as Nu-hope, Marlen, Coloplast, C&S, Hollister. Shop now!

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