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The way other people view us is based on how we look. Once you feel confident about your stoma in private, you can show this confidence publicly. Having a stoma does not mean that you have to alter your personal style. We provide a variety of ostomy garments for you to choose as they provide smooth appearance. We offer the best garments from top manufacturers like tytex Inc, flat d innovations Inc and c&s.

Which Ostomy Garment to buy?

There are best Ostomy Garments for men and women available in different types and styles. Choosing your options will depend on several factors such as the frequency of output, stoma type, skin type, budget, lifestyle, etc. The correct choice will ensure complete care. However, making a choice from the multiple options available is not easy. It is important to understand the different features and options on offer.

How to choose Ostomy Garments?

Support garments can be a great addition for any ostomate, but here are some tips:

  • Do not order a support garment until you are done healing and have chosen a long-term appliance. Changes in your body size or appliance could mean that your support garment may not be a best fit.

  • If you have thick output use loose support garments as this will help to avoid complications like pancaking.

  • Support garments may be worn 24/7 if you are comfortable doing so.

What are the benefits of Ostomy Garments?

  • Support garments can offer great support of an ostomy appliance, even one that is getting full.

  • They can conceal your appliance, which is ideal if you wear clear cover ostomy pouches.

  • It can flatten the look of an appliance.

  • Options for female urostomy support garments are also available.

  • Easy access for depleting the appliance without needing to remove the support garment.

  • Some work great during intimacy or sports.

  • Pretty ostomy undergarments are designed to make you look and feel good about yourself


What is an Ostomy Pouch Cover?


The ostomy pouch cover fully encloses the ostomy bag and provides a pocket for drainage. They are a great way to conceal the ostomy appliances and add an element of style, personalization, and fun at the same time. The pouch covers come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and designs options. The pouch cover help reduce the moisture, prevent bacteria and yeast from developing on the skin, and make the pouching system more comfortable to wear during the heat. Try C&S Daily Wear Open End Gray Ostomy Pouch Cover, which is primarily designed for the Urostomate but can be used by any ostomate with a drainable pouch.

Benefits of Ostomy Bag Covers

  • It helps to conceal the ostomy pouch. 
  • It provides an extra comfort level and enables one not to be so conscious about ostomy. 
  • It helps reduce heat rashes and yeast infections. 
  • It provides an extra layer of protection in case of leakage. 
  • It helps boost confidence and adds an element of fun to ostomy life. 
  • It keeps the pouch concealed during intimacy.

Where to buy Ostomy Support Garments online?

Shop Ostomy Supplies offers a wide range of ostomy garments and ostomy pouch covers from top manufacturers like C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers, Colo-Majic, Tytex, and many more.