Seals and Barrier Rings


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Barrier rings and seals are designed to prevent ostomy leaks and shield the stomal skin. This product is positioned below your flange to fill in any gaps between your stoma and ostomy barrier. it is made from a special fabric that expands while it comes into contact with output. the skinny, flexible design makes it smooth to mold around your stoma.

Barrier seals are to be had in an extensive variety of shapes to fit your anatomy and Your requirements. you could additionally reduce, stretch, and layer the seals for the precise healthy. Hydrocolloid barrier seals are particularly designed to stay relaxed and Secured while exposed to water.

barrier rings can be used to fill in or caulk uneven skin contours near the stoma and to create a flatter surface and assist prevent ostomy drainage from getting beneath the ostomy barrier. They'll be reduced, stretched, or stacked collectively to help improve the fit of a pouching system.


Moldable Ring: A moldable ring is used to creating a better seal between the stoma and the skin barrier, thereby protecting the skin against stoma output.

How to apply Barrier rings?

It is easier to use the ring on the pores and skin barrier of the pouching system first, earlier than making use of to the skin. This way, if the stoma functions, the barrier ring isn't always ruined. even though both ways are acceptable, placing it at the pores and skin barrier makes it simpler to handle.

Where to buy Seals and Barrier Rings online?

Barrier rings are used as an accessory device to improve the seal around the stoma and to protect peristomal skin. Shop Ostomy offers a wide range of Barrier rings and seals from top manufacturers such as Hollister, Coloplast, Cymed, Nu-hope, Safe N Simple . Shop now!



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