Stoma Caps


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Stoma caps or covers can be placed on the stoma when the stoma is not active (draining). People with descending or sigmoid colostomies who irrigate may use stoma covers or caps.

A stoma cap is designed for people who regulate their colostomy discharge with irrigation. The SoftFlex barrier is a standard wear skin barrier that is gentle to the skin and allows for frequent pouch removal. The filter allows for a slow release and deodorization of gas.

What is a stoma cap used for?

Stoma caps are small, closed pouches that can be worn while swimming, playing sports, or amid close minutes. Stoma caps are not intended to replace your regular pouch. They can likewise be utilized after irrigation when output has become predictable.

Where to buy Stoma Caps online?

Stoma caps is used by peoples with descending or sigmoid colostomies who irrigate regularly.Shop Ostomy Supplies offers a wide range of stoma caps from top Manufacturer such as Coloplast, Hollister Incorporated, Austin Medical, Convatec, Cymed. Shop now!



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