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Helping ostomates overcome all kinds of challenges and live a normal life is our mission. We created Shop Ostomy Supplies with this goal because products required for ostomy care make for a niche market and are specific and unique for each ostomate. We understand that selecting the right ostomy bag, ostomy pouch, ostomy barrier or ostomy belt is vital so that you can start feeling like yourself again and at the earliest.

The thought that you have to wear an ostomy pouch 24 hours a day, needs a little getting used to. Questions and doubts plague your mind. Dealing with it outside the comfort of one’s home like at work and then at night can be worrisome. Will my ostomy pouch fit? Will it remain secure? Will it leak? Will there be odor? The concerns are so many. We at Shop Ostomy Supplies provide more than just the products. We provide the much-needed peace of mind and sense of security. 

Shop Ostomy Supplies was created to help you find the most convenient product for you and at the earliest. We don’t want to increase your woes by making you browse endlessly for that particular ostomy bag or skin barrier. So we designed Shop Ostomy Supplies to be a niche store with all the supplies an ostomate could possibly want. We have ensured that you get varying sizes, types and brands to choose from. We have kept the new ostomates in mind and are aware of the confusions regarding products and their usage. For that, you can check out our helpful Ostomy Education Guide.

Shop Ostomy Supplies has been made as user-friendly as possible for you to find all your ostomy supplies quickly. The sooner you get used to the devices the better it is for you so that you can go back to living an active lifestyle again.

If you are still confused about a certain product and need more information on it, you can call our toll-free number 844-490-2625 and speak to our customer care representative. We have a dedicated and trained team for this very purpose. It will also help you with orders.

Alternately, you can write with your query to Customer Service.

Payment options are credit card and check. If paying by check, write it out to HPFY Stores and mail to: HPFY Stores

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