Fecal Management

Fecal management refers to the management and treatment of fecal incontinence. It includes the use of ostomy pouches and other medical options to help in treating and maintaining fecal incontinence. Fecal incontinence is basically the inability of the body to control the excretion of feces from the body, leading to involuntary discharge of fecal matter from the body. Catheter and ostomy systems are commonly used where doctors perform a colostomy and bring the colon out of the abdominal wall into an ostomy bag. This is usually the last resort as initially exercises, dietary restrictions, and medications are used to see if the condition can be treated non-surgically. At Shop Ostomy Supplies, we have a wide range of products from top selling brands such as Convatec Flexi-Seal Fecal Management Collection Bag, Convatec Flexi-Seal Fecal Management System Kit, ConvaTec Flexi-Seal Fecal Collector that help in fecal management.

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Dietary Restrictions for Fecal Management

One of the common non-surgical methods to manage fecal incontinence, controlling a diet is important in fecal management.

  • Reduce cereals, wholewheat foods, and laxative containing fruits and vegetables. 
  • Increase the consumption of dietary fiber. 
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol, artificial sugars, and spices. 
  • Consult a medical professional of what or what not might suit your body and your type of fecal incontinence.


  • One should take care while consuming medications not related to fecal management as many of them could contain laxatives. 

  • Cleaning and keeping hygiene while using ostomy pouches is also an important thing to avoid infections and other harmful repercussions. 

  • Avoid straining your pelvic muscles by any means. 

  • Avoid anything that might lead to diarrhea as it might worsen the condition.