Hollister Cut-To-Fit Transparent Drainable Fecal Collector With SoftFlex Skin Barrier

Hollister Cut-To-Fit Transparent Drainable Fecal Collector With SoftFlex Skin Barrier

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Hollister Cut-To-Fit Transparent Drainable Fecal Collector With SoftFlex Skin Barrier is designed to contain liquid stool and help protect perianal skin from irritation and maceration caused by fecal discharge. The odor-barrier pouch and easy-to-apply Hollister skin barrier combine to provide basic protection against episodic incidents of fecal incontinence. Hollister fecal collector attaches easily to a collection device for continuous drainage

Item # Desc Pkg Price
9821 Large, 1000ml, 12"L (30cm) Each
9821 Large, 1000ml, 12"L (30cm) 10/Pack


  • Hollister Cut-To-Fit Transparent Drainable Fecal Collector With SoftFlex Skin Barrier attaches easily to leg bag or drainage bag
  • Protects skin integrity
  • Contains odor
  • Collect and facilitate measurement of output
  • Saves staff time
  • Increases patient comfort and maintains dignity
  • May be left in place for up to seven days as long as skin barrier is intact and adherent

More Information

  • Application of the Pouch:
    - Equipment needed:
    - Drainable Fecal Incontinence Collector
    - Soft cloth or other material for cleansing skin
    - Skin cleanser (Cleanser should not leave a residue on the skin. It may interfere with adherence of the barrier.)
    - Gloves
    - Scissors
    - Bedside drainage bag recommended (Connect pouch to bedside drainage bag if output is liquid and high volume.)
    - Preparation of the Skin:
    - Assemble equipment and take to bedside.
    - Identify and inform the patient of the procedure.
    - Provide for privacy.
    - Wash hands and/or put on gloves.
    - Position the patient to one side, with the upper knee, slightly flexed. (Remove fecal collector if present.)
    - Clean and thoroughly dry the perianal skin. (Make sure the patients skin is completely dry and free from powders, ointments, lotions, or oily residues. Do not use a skin gel or other skin sealants.These products can decrease wear time.)
    - Remove excess perianal hair according to facility protocol. (Hair will interfere with the adhesion of the skin barrier.)
    - Document the condition of the skin. (If the perianal skin is eroded, Hollister Premium Powder can be used to absorb excess moisture. Excess powder must be brushed away before applying the skin barrier.)
    - Application of the Pouch:
    - If necessary, enlarge the opening in the skin barrier to fit the patients anatomy.
    - Do not cut beyond the printed line on the release paper.
    - Remove release paper and fold the barrier in half. (Adapt paste can be used as a caulk around the opening in the skin barrier. Paste can also be used to fill in uneven skin surfaces, to help prevent channeling under the skin barrier.)
    - Parate the patients buttocks and position the skin barrier opening over the patients anus.
    - Apply the skin barrier. (Hold the barrier in place for 30 seconds to achieve good adhesion.)
    - Connect the spout to a bedside drainage bag or close the cap. (If spout is capped, do not let pouch overfill.)
    - For managing thicker discharge, the lower end of the pouch can be cut off and an ostomy pouch clamp applied.
    - Removal of the Pouch:
    - If a drainage bag is used, disconnect the spout from the bedside drainage collector and close the attached drain cap.
    - Gently peel the skin barrier from the patients skin.
    - Dispose of used product. Quantify output if required.
    - Wash hands.
    - Document procedure and other pertinent observations.
  • Terminology:
    - Diarrhea: Frequent passage of liquid watery bowel movement in amounts greater than 150ml stool per day
    - Erosion/Denudation: Removal of the top layer of the skin
    - Erythema: Redness of the skin surface
    - Fecal incontinence: Inability to control the passage of gas, liquid or solids
    - Maceration: Softening of the skin by soaking in fluids and skin appears white and waterlogged
    - Perineal bridge or body: Space between the vaginal orifice and anus in females; space between base of scrotum and anus in males

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