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Convatec is a leader in providing wide range of product ranging from wound and skin care, ostomy care to continence. You can browse its quality products that provide a range of clinical and economic benefits such as infection prevention, protection of at-risk skin and more. Its brand includes AQUACEL® advanced wound dressings, which form a gel on contact with wound fluid, creating an optimal environment for wound healing.

How to choose convatec ostomy system?

For caring for your stoma you need to choose proper Ostomy system according to your lifestyle.

1-Piece system

In a one-piece system, the pouch and skin barrier are a single unit. Designed for discretion, these systems supply simplicity, and adaptability in a very low-profile system. They are accessible in cut-to-fit and pre-cut adhesive varieties.

2-Piece system

In a two-piece system, the pouch and skin barrier are two separate pieces that allow you to change the pouch without removing the skin barrier. With this method, the pouch and skin barrier are coupled together with a plastic ring. You can hear and feel the system securely lock into place.

2-Piece with Adhesive coupling

With this system, the pouch and skin barrier are coupled together with a foam adhesive ring and "Landing Zone," eliminating the need for rigid plastic coupling rings found in traditional two-piece systems. This foam coupling mechanism is additional versatile than traditional systems and incorporates a lower profile beneath consumer goods.

Where to buy Convatec Ostomy System online?

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