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The CenterPointLock two-piece system has an exclusive feature that assures a secure attachment of the pouch to the skin barrier. It is designed to produce an audible “clicks” sound for additional safety. The New Image two-piece ostomy system from Hollister is discreet, comfortable and comes with high security. They are highly effective and come with an odor barrier Quite Film. Hollister two piece systems are available for all the surgery type and convexity for better fitting. Scroll through our vast collection and choose what best suit your needs.

How to apply Hollister 2-piece System?

  • Collect pouch, disposal bag, skin barrier, tissue or cloth for cleaning, and water. Optional: scissors, pen, measuring guide, and/or accessories
  • Remove used Pouch : Carefully lift an edge of the adhesive and peel it downward, gently pushing the skin away from the skin barrier. Properly dispose of used pouch and skin barrier. Do not flush down toilet.
  • Clean and Dry Skin : Clean the skin with water or with delicate cleanser as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Precaution:Do not use oils,lotion, powder or lotion type soaps on the skin.
  • Prepare the Skin Barrier and Pouch : Measure the stoma size using a stoma measuring guide before every barrier application
  • Remove the release liner from the skin barrier
  • Apply the New Pouching System : Center the skin barrier opening over the stoma in a diamond shape. For tape bordered barriers, expel the backing paper on both sides and press adhesive against the skin.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the skin barrier for 30-60 seconds for best adhesion.
  • Attach the pouch to the skin barrier by drawing in the lower edges of the pouch flange and the skin barrier flange.
  • Close bottom of pouch. Incase of drainable pouch, close the Lock ’n Roll microseal closure at the bottom of the pouch or apply a pouch clamp.

Care tips Using Hollister 2-piece System

  • In case of using a barrier ring or paste, apply it to the sticky side of the skin barrier beside the stoma opening as coordinated
  • Check if the skin around your stoma should not show any signs of rashes or sores
  • Irritated skin should be evaluated by a healthcare professional
  • Your stoma will likely be swollen after surgery. It might take half a month or months for the stoma to shrink to its permanent size
  • The stoma may bleed marginally when you clean it
  • The use of skin protective wipes are not recommended under extended wear skin barriers as they can decrease wear time

Where to buy Hollister 2-piece System online?

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