Convatec SUR-FIT Natura

Convatec SUR-FIT Natura Skin Barriers comes with two integrated technologies, Stomahesive and Durahesive. Stomahesive skin barriers are ideal for semi-formed or formed output while Durahesive skin barriers are ideal for liquid output. 

Stomahesive is reliable skin barrier which provides a unique formula that enables the skin barrier to adhere to both dry and moist skin. Durahesive skin barriers swell up to protect the stoma. This special effect, called turtlenecking, helps create a more secure seal without harming the skin. Durahesive skin barriers are also easy to fit, apply, and remove. They will adhere securely to the skin while showering, bathing, and swimming. 

Choose from a range of skin barrier from Convatec SUR-FIT Natura available at shop as per your requirement .