Ileostomy pouches


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An ileostomy is used to move waste out of the body when the colon or rectum is not working properly and the drainage is collected in a pouch that sticks to the skin around the stoma. Ileostomy pouches are either a one- or a two-piece system. Both the pouches are drainable which means that the patient can undo the tie or clip at the bottom of the pouch and empty it as needed.

How to change Ileostomy pouches?

  • Supporting the skin with one hand, gently remove the pouch. You can use associate degree adhesive remover to assist in removing the rim simply and gently.

  • Rinse the pouch under the flush of the toilet and place it into a plastic disposal bag and wash your hands. If you are not near running water, you can use antibacterial hand sanitizer.

  • Use plain warm water to gently clean Skin around the stoma and Dry gently with a dry wipe.

  • Place used wipes in the disposal bag with the used pouch and Wash your hands.

  • You might prefer to use a skin barrier to safeguard your skin and provide an ideal base for the adhesion of the next ileostomy bag. Simply wipe around the stoma area and leave to dry for a few seconds.

  • Cover the adhesive together with your hands for 30-50 seconds, because the heat can increase the adhesion to your skin.

  • If you are worried about odor, you might want to use an ostomy deodorant spray to neutralize the smell. You can also strike a match to get rid of any lingering smells

Where to buy Ileostomy pouches online?

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