Genairex Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant

Genairex Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant

Brand/Manufacturer: GENAIREX
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Genairex Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant delivers enduring odor protection by neutralizing rather than masking unpleasant scents with fragrance. This effectively contains and prevents odors within the ostomy pouch, ensuring prolonged freshness. The convenient flip-top cap facilitates easy dispensing for user convenience.

Features of  Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant

  • Comes in a portable bottle
  • Easy to Apply
  • Helps remove odor-causing bacteria


Genairex Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant Benefits

  • Long-lasting odor protection
  • Kills odor creating bacteria
  • Doesn't just mask odor by fragrance, neutralizes it
  • Kills bacteria, not just masks, for true odor elimination.
  • ​Comes in a flip top cap bottle


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ostomy deodorant used for?

Ostomy deodorant is used to mask odors associated with ostomy pouches.

What is ostomy spray?

Ostomy spray is designed to freshen and neutralize odors from ostomy pouches.

Can I use Genairex Ostomy Deodorant on any type of ostomy pouch?

Yes, Genairex Ostomy Deodorant works with all pouch types, effectively preventing odor escape.

Why does my ostomy smell?

Ostomies can emit odors due to the natural smell of bodily waste collected in the pouch.

How does a Genairex Ostomy Deodorant work?

Genairex Ostomy Deodorant neutralizes odor by targeting bacteria in the pouch.


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