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Colostomy is when the colon is shortened by surgery and then diverted through a hole in the abdominal wall so that faeces can pass out through this opening. To take care of this condition, an ostomate requires specific products to ensure this requirement is fulfilled without leakage, irritation, sore skin and residue. A colostomist will need colostomy bags, drainable pouches, skin barriers, stoma covers and more. Find your colostomy product here from leading brands and at competitive pricing. We carry a comprehensive variety to meet varying surgical procedures. Choose from the pouch selection available here from brands like Coloplast, Convatec, Hollister, Cymed, Marlen, Torbot and more. All these products are user-friendly and have been designed to provide greater comfort, flexibility and security.

Types of colostomy

Loop Ostomy

This sort of colostomy is typically utilized in emergencies and may be a temporary and enormous stoma. A loop of the bowel is pulled out onto the abdomen and held in place with an external device. The internal organ is then sutured to the abdomen and 2 openings area unit created within the one stoma one for stool and also the different for mucous secretion.

End colostomy

A stoma is formed from one finish of the internal organ. The other portion of the internal organ is either removed or stitched shut (Hartmann's procedure).

Double Barrel Colostomy

The internal organ is cut off and each ends area unit brought out onto the abdomen. Only the proximal stoma is functioning.Most often,double-barrel colostomy is a temporary colostomy with two openings into the colon (distal and proximal). The elimination occurs through the proximal stoma


What does a colostomy do?

After an ostomy has been created, the intestines can work similarly to they did before except:

  • The colon and body part on the far side the ostomy is disconnected or removed.

  • The arse is not any longer the exit for stool, however, it'll still pass mucous secretion from time to time. that's normal.

Since nutrients are absorbed within the intestine, an ostomy doesn't modification how the body uses food. The main functions of the colon area unit to soak up water, move the stool toward the opening, and so store stool within the rectum until it’s passed out of the body. When a colostomy changes the stool’s route, the storage area is no longer available

Where to buy Colostomy products online?

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