Coloplast Assura 2-Piece

        Check out our wide collection of two piece systems from Assura products manufactured by Coloplast. Coloplast Assura offers multiple Two-Piece Systems like Assura AC 2-Piece, Assura Click 2-Piece, Assura Flex 2-Piece, Assura post -OP 2-Piece Systems and Assura Single Use Kits. For easy closure you may choose two piece system with an audible “click” sound like Coloplast Assura Click 2-Piece & for better adhesion and flexibility you may want to go with Coloplast Assura Flex 2 Piece Systems. They come with a special spiral adhesive feature which secures proper adhesion. Each of Coloplast two-piece systems is reliable and offers unique feature that will help in meeting individual’s unique requirement. Scroll through our vast collection and choose what best suit your needs.

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