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Finding the right pouch type is a tough job. But, now your search comes to an end as at ShopOstomySupplies.Com we provide many pouching system which are easier, safer, and more efficient to use. You may choose from wide variety of pouches like Urostomy pouches, Colostomy Pouches, Ileostomy pouches, Drainable pouches and Closed pouches depending upon your requirement. 

Types of Ostomy Pouches

Urostomy Pouches

Urostomy is a surgically opening in the abdomen that allows urine to pass directly out of the body. Urostomy pouches are used to collect urine after bladder surgery and provides many benefits such as leak-proof seal, skin protaction. Urostomy Pouches are easy to apply and remove and can last for 3 to 7 days.

Colostomy Pouches

Colostomy is a Surgical opening that is created between the large intestine (colon) and the abdominal wall. That allows waste to excreted through the opening in the abdominal wall. Colostomy bags are small waterproof pouches that used to collect waste from the body. Stool and other waste products are drained in the ostomy bag, which can then be emptied at regular intervals.

Ileostomy Pouches

Ileostomy connects the last part of the ileum to the abdominal wall and used to move waste out of the body. In case of colon or rectum not working properly then drainage is collected in a pouch known as Illeostomy Pouch that sticks to the skin around the stoma. Ileostomy pouches are available as one-piece pouch or a two-piece pouch.

Closed-end pouches

Closed-end pouches are mostly used by patients who have regular elimination patterns. These pouches can be removed and replaced with a new pouch once the bag is full or the pouches can be emptied and rinsed easily. Closed-end pouches are best for formed output and can help to ease management in social environments and with physical activities.

Drainable pouches

Drainable pouches are used primarily by people with ileostomies problem, although they can be used by people with colostomies if the stool is semi-formed. These Pouches are available in both one-piece and two-piece ostomy systems and the patient can empty the pouch and can potentially reuse it. Drainable pouches are better for liquid or semi-solid waste output and requires less changes as compared to closed-end pouch and are easy to empty.

Where to buy Ostomy Pouches online?

Depending on your type of ostomy surgery a pouch collects your urine or stool. At Shop Ostomy Supplies we offer a wide range of pouches like Urostomy Pouches, Colostomy Pouches, Ileostomy Pouches, Closed-end pouches, Drainable pouches from top manufacturers such as Coloplast, Hollister, Nu-hope, Convatec, Marlen. Shop now!