Coloplast SenSura Mio One-Piece Convex Light Standard Cut-To-Fit Maxi Transparent Urostomy Pouch

Coloplast SenSura Mio One-Piece Convex Light Standard Cut-To-Fit Maxi Transparent Urostomy Pouch

Brand/Manufacturer: COLOPLAST
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Coloplast SenSura Mio One-Piece Convex Light Standard Cut-To-Fit Maxi Transparent Urostomy Pouch comes with an adaptive convex baseplate that provides stability around the stoma while being flexible. It has a curved shape that fits securely to uneven skin areas, deep-seated areas and stomas that need support or help to protrude. Combined with the elastic adhesive, it provides a more secure fit to the individual body shape. It stays discreet due to the filter and bag design.

Benefits of SenSura Mio 1-Piece Convex Light Transparent Urostomy Pouch

  • Maxi pouch size
  • Available in transparent color
  • Comes with a belt tab
  • Light convex baseplate type
  • Standard barrier type

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Price
16835 Stoma Size: 3/8" to 7/8" 10/Pack
16836 Stoma Size: 5/8" to 1-5/16" 10/Pack
16837 Stoma Size: 3/8" to 1-11/16" 10/Pack

Why choose SenSura Mio 1-Piece Convex Light Cut-To-Fit Urostomy Pouch?

  • Adaptive convex with integrated flexlines for a unique combination of stability and flexibility
  • Elastic adhesive for a secure fit to individual body shapes
  • Neutral grey textile for optimal discretion and an honest look
  • Light convex is ideal for stomas with openings in level with the skin that need gentle help to protrude, or for slightly deep-seated areas where a light curve is needed to get a good grip
  • Available in 10.5"/ 400mL pouch size

What to buy with SenSura Mio One-Piece Convex Light Pouch

How to use SenSura Mio Convex Light One Piece Urostomy Pouch?

  1. Preparation -
    • Cut a hole in the adhesive to fit the exact size and shape of the stoma using a pair of small curved scissors and the cutting guide on the adhesive. You can use the enclosed stoma measuring guide to measure the size and shape of the stoma. An exact fit between the hole and the stoma is important to reduce the risk of leakage and skin problems.
    • Thoroughly clean the stoma and the surrounding skin area. The skin must be completely dry before application of the adhesive.
  2. Application -
    • Peel off the protective film from the adhesive.
    • Align the adhesive around the stoma and press it firmly onto the skin. The adhesive must fit snugly around the stoma. To prevent leakage it is important to ensure a tight seal around the stoma. When applying pressure to the baseplate/bag on the abdomen, begin in the area around the stoma and press the adhesive to the skin. Run a finger all the way around the stoma to ensure that the adhesive seals. Smooth the adhesive down, starting from the stoma and moving outwards to the edges, to ensure that the adhesive has made full contact with the skin.
    • Apply pressure on the bag to ensure fast adhesion and a perfect fit between the adhesive and the skin around the stoma. Please remember to close the outlet before use.
    • The outlet can be hidden in the pocket on the front to make it more comfortable and discreet. (Only applies to bags with textile front).

How to empty the SenSura Mio Urostomy Bag?

  • Hold the plug/end of the outlet upwards and squeeze the outer end of the outlet, pull out the plug and relax your hold on the outlet and then drain the bag
  • After complete drainage, ensure that the outlet is firmly closed with the plug fully inserted

How to remove Coloplast SenSura Mio One-Piece Cut-To-Fit Convex Light Transparent Pouch?

  • Gently remove the bag by pulling the removal ear on the adhesive away from the stomach and roll the adhesive slowly downwards
  • Apply light pressure on the skin with free hand to help removal

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