How To Change Ostomy Pouch?

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An ostomy pouch is a heavy-duty plastic bag that can be worn outside your body to collect the bowel discharges. Ostomy pouch attaches to the belly, away from belt line. It will be hidden under the clothing. Normally people can go about their day to day activities, but they will have to change their diet a bit and watch for skin soreness. The pouches are odor-free, and they do not allow gas or stool to leak out when they are worn correctly.

Ostomy pouch can be changed as often as required, it is usually done after bowel movements. There is no specific duration but the general recommendation is not to go over seven days. With time and practice, one can become proficient at changing the ostomy pouch.

Getting Your Ostomy Supplies Ready

Before beginning, ensure all of your supplies are within easy reach. Supplies generally include:

How To Change Ostomy Pouch?

Important Tips for Ostomy Pouch Change

  • Before changing a stoma bag, collect all the necessary supplies on a clean surface that is convenient.
  • Though there is no specified time to change the Ostomy Pouch, still it is better to change it two times a week, or as directed by your Ostomy Specialist.
  • It is always the best to change the Ostomy Pouch if it is leaking or is separated from the skin. Do not try to reinforce again with the tape or mild adhesive.
  • Immediately consult the Ostomy specialist if the pouch is leaking frequently and cannot be maintained for at least a day.
  • Clean peristomal skin using a soft and dry cloth with luke-warm water, or a pH balanced cleanser.
  • If additional skin protection is desired, prior to placing the pouch, apply a skin barrier ointment to the skin around the stoma and allow to dry.
  • While taking shower, the Ostomy bag does not need to be covered. Hand-held dryer (set on cool) can be used to dry the tape collar.

Top Selling Ostomy Pouches

How To Change Ostomy Pouch? How To Change Ostomy Pouch? How To Change Ostomy Pouch?
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When to call the Doctor?

  • Stoma starts to swell and seems larger than normal.
  • Stoma seems shrinking and pulling in below the skin level.
  • Stoma starts bleeding abnormally.
  • Stoma changes its color and turns purple, black, or white.
  • Stoma does not seem to fit the way it did before.
  • A rash is present on the skin near stoma.
  • The skin around your stoma is pushing out.
  • Any visible sore on the skin around your stoma.
  • You have a fever of 100.4°F or higher, or you have chills.

If you are concerned with the odor. You might want to use an ostomy deodorant spray to counteract the smell.

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