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Life after ostomy surgery is difficult but you are not alone in this journey, Shop Ostomy Supplies understands your needs and is here to help you get everything you require for your ostomy care. You can find FSA Eligible stoma support belts, skin-care, and other ostomy accessories at our store that can help you save money.

What is FSA and why is it good to use FSA funds for Ostomy Supplies?

A Fixed Spending Account or FSA is a healthcare plan provided by your employer at his discretion. This plan enables you to use your pre-tax salary for qualified medical expenses, co-payments, or dependent care expenditures. You can lower your taxable income by contributing to this ‘tax-advantaged account’.

Buying ostomy supplies with your FSA wallet is a good option as these needs are recurring. Once you have undergone ostomy surgery you will need stoma bags, stoma skin-care, and other accessories regularly. When you use a specific brand daily, you start to trust the brand. That is why SHOP OSTOMY SUPPLIES offers ostomy care supplies from a wide range of industry-renowned brands. Using an FSA for recurring medical expenses that are well-renowned is a great idea. It will save you from being confused about your un-used FSA money at the end of the year.

How to qualify for healthcare FSA for Purchasing Ostomy Care Products?

  • FSA is completely designed by your employer and to be eligible for this benefit you must be employed somewhere. Being a freelancer or self-employed person, you will not able to enroll yourself in this plan. An exception can be made with respect to the key employees and highly compensated individuals determined by the standards given under the IRS.
  • The terms of this plan are not the same in every organization and may vary from employer to employer. Before making any purchase from our store, we recommend you confirm the eligibility and reimbursement criteria for buying ostomy care supplies.
  • You can purchase with your FSA debit, credit, store-valued card, or any other combination card offered by your employer. For auto- reorder facility of FSA eligible items only an FSA credit card will be used for payments.
  • If you are only buying FSA approved items, make sure you select only the FSA-approved products that are marked with the “FSA Approved symbol”.

How to use FSA Dollars to maintain the quality of life with an Ostomy?

Ostomy care supplies are necessary for those who are living with a colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy. With a wide range of ostomy care, you will be able to choose the right product and enable yourself to lead a normal life. We make sure that you always have enough choices for your medical condition and offer every product and accessory you need for complete stoma care.

Here are a few ways to spend your FSA funds after ostomy surgery:

Purchase Ostomy Bags and Pouches

Ostomy bags or pouches are used to store the drainage from the body and need to be changed regularly. These bags come in two types- drainable and closed. Ostomy pouches are designed in three forms – transparent, opaque, and clear. It is completely your choice to wear ostomy pouches that support your needs for monitoring, swimming, traveling, etc. If you are living with an ostomy then lose your FSA wallet a bit for your own safety and quality of life in buying ostomy bags.


Ostomy Skin Barriers/Wafers

Skin barriers/wafers are placed over the stoma that adheres to the skin to form a seal that protects your skin from complications. These skin barriers come in different shapes and sizes to fit your body type easily. Skin wafers provide contour to uneven skin and help to carry the ostomy bag efficiently.


Ostomy skin-care range helps you to maintain a positive quality of life

It is very important to keep the skin around your stoma healthy and prevent it from infection. The procedure of wearing an ostomy bag involves the use of adhesives, adhesive removers (wipes and spray), and adhesive discs. Adhesives are used to adhere ostomy appliances to the skin and care should be taken while applying them. Skin-friendly powder, paste, and protectants are available at SHOP OSTOMY SUPPLIES to protect skin while dressing with a stoma bag. Use your FSA to buy these skincare accessories as your skin should remain healthy, free from irritation, and protected from infection.


We understand your difficult journey of ostomy and always available with solutions like – stoma bags/pouches, skin barriers, support belts, lubricating deodorant, etc. Explore our product catalog and find the right product solution for yourself to make your ostomy journey easier at our FSA store. Shop now using your FSA card with us!

NOTE/ Disclaimer - These suggestions which are documented here by us are related to the expenses which are currently sanctioned and acknowledged by the Internal Revenue System as deductible medical expenses. The list is not necessarily inclusive or exclusive. It is based on Shop Ostomy Supplies' interpretation of IRS Section 213(d) and it is not legal and/or financial advice. If you are looking out for more accurate information or have some questions about reimbursable health care expenses which include FSAs should be referred to a tax consultant or your health care provider If you are using an FSA debit card for payments, all such products that are FSA-eligible must be ordered before December 29, 2022, for FSA funds expiring December 31, 2022. Payment is not charged until orders have shipped.



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