Odor Control for Your Ostomy

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Living with your ostomy (whether colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy) creates a unique set of challenges. Aside from the possible health issues, the issue of maintaining your quality of life can come to the forefront. Since you are no longer able to control your body’s waste and gas, the problem of odor control can be paramount. There are many different options for ostomy kits. They come in varying sizes, 1-piece or 2-piece, some have drainability, and other characteristics that allow different patients a variety of choices. One of the choices an ostomy patient might want to look at is an ostomy Kit that incorporates a filter.

How does an Ostomy Filter benefit me?

Every patient’s needs and concerns are different and so is their level of comfort. What might not bother one person can be a large issue with another. Many ostomy kits incorporate a filter while other manufacturers offer disposable adhesive charcoal filters. These odor control filters allow gas to pass through and trap odor to prevent possible embarrassing social situations. For instance, Coloplast offers Filtrodor, a disposable adhesive charcoal filter that is applied to the outside of the pouch. Depending on your ostomy needs, you may opt for a one piece kit with a filter incorporated into it for convenience.

What are my options for Ostomy Filters?

The choices for ostomy patients today are plentiful. In addition to disposable charcoal filters, companies such as Cymed offer the MicroSkin One Piece Drainable Pouch with Gore-Tex Filter. The Gore-Tex charcoal filter releases gas and eliminates odor while the tab provides waterproof protection for the filter. One piece systems are not the only kits to have included filters. Two-piece systems can also utilize attached filters. Stomocur offers the Two-Piece Colostomy Pouch with Filter. It is made from odor proof laminated film with a protective filter.

Odor Control for Your Ostomy


Odor Control for Your Ostomy

Stomocur Two-Piece Colostomy
Pouch with Filter


MicroSkin One Piece Drainable
Pouch with Gore-Tex Filter

Are there other options to control Ostomy Odor?

The use of filters is a good first step to controlling ostomy odor associated with colostomy or ileostomy. Ostomy patients can incorporate ostomy deodorants to help control or eliminate odor associated with their ostomy devices.

Odor Control for Your Ostomy


Odor Control for Your Ostomy


Odor Control for Your Ostomy

Anacapa Sani-Zone Ostomy
Appliance Deodorant


Safe n Simple Ostomy
Appliance Deodorant


Hollister M9 Odor
Eliminator Spray

There are many options for ostomy patients today as well as resources to control ostomy odor and maintain the quality of life.

Where to buy Odor Control supplies online?

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