Why Securi T ?

Securi-T by Genairex offer high-quality ostomy supplies Online at very reasonable prices. Pouches, flanges, and accessories are available in a variety of styles. Securi-T is a brand of Genairex. Genairex Securi-T understands the everyday needs of ostomates worldwide with drainable ostomy pouches, skin barriers, deodorant and stoma paste. The Securi-T two-piece ostomy pouch is a standard wear pouch with a two-sided comfort panel. This ostomy pouch is easy to apply and remove. It includes 1 curved-tail closure. The Securi-T ostomy pouch is drainable and comes in pre-cut and cut-to-fit options. 

 Skin barrier strip seals from Securi-T are a skin-friendly tape alternative that protect and even out skin surfaces around an ostomy, fistula or wound. The Securi-T skin barrier conforms to the affected areas and provide additional security when needed. It is ideal for ostomates who have tape allergies. These skin barriers are available as strips, solid skin seals and a hydrocolloid wafer. Securi-T stoma paste is pectin-based and helps fill uneven skin surfaces and increases the wear time of the ostomy system. It protects the skin around colostomy, ileostomy and urinary stomas. This stoma paste is ideal for ostomates who have leakage around the stoma. With Securi-T's stoma care product, you get a better fit, longer wear time and an optimal seal.

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