Inogen, Inc. stands as a leading global medical technology company, offering innovative respiratory products tailored for the homecare setting. Inogen's mission is to advance patient respiratory care through the development, manufacturing, and marketing of cutting-edge portable oxygen concentrators, designed to deliver long-term oxygen therapy to those battling chronic respiratory conditions. 

In collaboration with patients, healthcare professionals, home medical equipment providers, and distributors, Inogen facilitates the widespread availability of its oxygen therapy products, providing patients with the opportunity to maintain their mobility while effectively managing the impact of their ailment. 

The portable oxygen concentrators developed by Inogen are known for their compact, lightweight, and travel-ready design. They offer patients a practical alternative to heavy oxygen tanks, the inconvenience of tank refills, or the restriction of stationary systems. Inogen firmly believes that its products empower oxygen therapy patients to regain control over their mobility and lead more fulfilling lives. 

Key Features of Inogen Products:

  1. Long Battery Life: Extended operating times for freedom of movement. 
  2. Customizable Flow Settings: Tailored oxygen delivery options. 
  3. High Oxygen Output: Ensures effective therapy. 
  4. Quiet Operation: Low noise levels for user comfort and privacy. 
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use controls, suitable for all users. 
  6. FAA Approved: Safe for air travel according to FAA standards. 
  7. Oxygen Purity: Delivers high-purity oxygen for therapy. 

Where can I buy Inogen Products online?

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