MABIS/DMI Healthcare manufactures and distributes a vast array of industry-leading healthcare product lines for chiropractic practices, hospitals, physician offices, and other healthcare settings. The company has completed its three-year brand transition to change the company name to Briggs Healthcare. The new name will help strengthen recognition in the healthcare marketplace and help eliminate customer confusion stemming from dealing with multiple company names.


Where to buy Mabis DMI Healthcare Products?


Health products For You (HPFY) carry an extensive line of Mabis products from different brands like HealthSmart, Heelbo, BriggsSwitch sticks, Eurolight, etc. Products like Mabis DMI Heelbo heel and elbow protectors help to maintain an active lifestyle.


MAbis DMI Healthcare & Briggs Healthcare Acquisition


Briggs Medical Service Company acquired DMS Holdings in 2004, which included MABIS DMI Healthcare, GAM Industries, Stein’s Professional Foot Care, and Protekto. The company has introduced a new corporate logo and visual identity that reflects the transformation of the businesses.


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