1-Piece Ostomy Bags


What is a One-Piece Pouching System?

To form a One-Piece System the ostomy pouch and skin barrier are joined together permanently. The pouch collects effluent discharge while the skin barrier fits around the stoma to protect the skin. We carry an incredible collection of One-Piece Ostomy Systems from Brands like Premier, Assura, SenSura Mio, UltraLite, Microskin and more. One Piece Systems are available in three different forms - Drainable, Urinary and Closed with stoma openings like cut-to-fit, pre-cut and moldable. Options in convexities and colors are also available. All the products are moderately priced and some have huge discounts on them.

When to choose a One-Piece Ostomy Bag?

A one-piece system might be right for you if-

  • You prefer a simpler peel-and-stick system with fewer steps
  • You’re concerned about your ostomy pouch showing through clothing
  • You have a bulge or hernia near your stoma
  • You have arthritis, poor eyesight, or other challenges that make a simpler system easier to use
  • You’re concerned about costs (one-piece systems are generally more affordable)

Benefits of Using One-Piece Ostomy Bag

A lot of users prefer a one-piece ostomy bag. Certain benefits are:

  • Easier to use and more flexible
  • Discreet and Low profile, easily hidden under clothing
  • Adherence to the skin is tighter
  • Faster application
  • Feels more secure with no risk of the bag coming unattached from the Skin barrier
  • Costs less than a two-piece ostomy system

Types of One-piece Ostomy Bag

Pre-Cut One Piece Ostomy Pouch

In a Pre-cut ostomy pouch there is a hole already cut to fit around the stoma. Assura EasiClose One-Piece Pre-Cut Maxi Opaque Drainable Pouch of Coloplast has a soft backing fabric which is strong and water-repellent, allowing for easy drying after a shower or a dip in the pool

Cut-to-Fit One-Piece Ostomy Pouch

Cut-to-Fit ostomy bag needs a hole cut into the wafer. So it can fit around unique stoma as per its size and shape. SenSura Mio One-Piece Flat Cut-to-Fit Mini Opaque Closed Pouch from Coloplast has elastic adhesive that is permanently fixed to the pouch, In accordance to change the pouch, the whole system is removed and replaced at once.

Moldable One-Piece Ostomy Pouch

The moldable ostomy system has a skin barrier designed to mold around whatever may be the shape of your stoma and provide a perfect fit over it thus minimizing the risk of leakage. Esteem Plus One-Piece Transparent Moldable Drainable Pouch from ConvaTec combines the convenience of a one piece with clinically-proven skin and leak protection.

Where to buy one-piece Ostomy Bag online?

At Shop Ostomy Supplies we offer a wide range of one-piece ostomy bag like pre-cut, cut to fit, moldable, Standard, Extended wear from top manufacturers such as Coloplast, Nu-hope, Hollister, Convatec, Marlen. Shop now!


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