Skin Protectants


Barrier wipes and creams help prevent sores appearing on the skin and do not prevent adhesion. The wipes have a liquid that, when applied to the skin, dries very quickly to a thin film providing a thin barrier or protective layer between the skin and the adhesive component of pouching system. The barrier cream help manage sore, dry and irritated skin by providing a barrier and moisturising effect. We provides you the safe, protective and high quality products ranging from Skin wipes, cleanser, conditioner to Stoma Lubricants that suits best to your skin types.

How to use Moisturizing Skin Protectant Cream?

  • Use this product as directed. Some products require priming before use. Follow all directions on the product package. If you are uncertain about any of the information, consult your Healthcare Provider.
  • Some products need to be shaken before use. Check the label to see if you need to shake the bottle well before use.
  • In Case of treating diaper rash, clean the diaper area well before use and allow the area to dry before applying the product.
  • In Case of treating radiation skin burns, check with radiation personnel to see if your brand can be applied before radiation therapy.
  • Avoid sensitive areas such as your eyes, inside your nose, mouth, and vaginal, groin area unless the label or your doctor directs you otherwise.

Skin care tips for Healthy Skin

  • Protect yourself from the Sun
    For the most complete sun protection:
    • Use sunscreen.
    • Seek shade - Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m
    • Wear protective clothes or special sun-protective clothes which are specifically designed to block ultraviolet rays.
  • Don’t Smoke: Smoking contributes to wrinkles and makes your skin look older.
  • Treat your skin gently
    Daily Shaving and cleansing will take a toll on your skin. So to keep it gentle:
    • Limit bath time as Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin.
    • Avoid strong soaps - Strong soaps and detergents will strip oil from your skin. Instead, choose mild cleansers.
    • Shave carefully - To protect and lubricate your skin, apply lather, lotion or gel before shaving. For the nearest shave, use a clean, sharp razor. Shave in the direction of hair growth.
    • Pat dry - After Washing or bathing, gently pat or blot your skin dry with a towel so some wetness remains on your skin.
    • Moisturize dry skin - If your skin is dry, use a moisturizer that matches your skin Requirements.
  • Eat Healthy Diet: Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin hydrated.
  • Manage Stress: Uncontrolled stress trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. Stress makes skin more sensitive.

Where to buy Skin Protectants online?

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