Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strips

Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strips

Brand/Manufacturer: COLOPLAST
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Coloplast Brava Barrier Strips have been specially crafted to prevent the barrier from shifting and to maintain a secure and stable position along the border. The strip's edges assist in maintaining a smooth, steadfast adhesion of the barrier to your skin, offering enhanced assurance and peace of mind by preventing any potential detachment. Moreover, these barrier strips are gentle on the skin as they effectively absorb moisture. They are engineered to adhere along the perimeter of the barrier, resembling a frame around the edge, and they possess elastic qualities that allow them to flex and adapt as you move, bend, and stretch. Their moisture-absorbing properties further enhance their skin-friendly nature.

Features of Coloplast Brava Barrier Strips  

  • Unique, soft, and moldable material
  • Provides greater security
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Secures the position of the barrier

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Price
120700 Regular Each
120700 Regular 20/Pack
120721 Y-Shape Each
120721 Y-Shape 30/Pack
12076 X-Large Each
12076 X-Large 30/Pack
120740 Straight Fit Square Shape 20/Pack

Benefits of Coloplast Brava Barrier Strips

  • Thinner edges help the strips and the barrier, stay smooth against the skin
  • Brava Barrier Strips provide greater security and peace of mind that the barrier will stay in place
  • Ideal for those with tape allergies
  • Brava Strips has the elastic technology
  • One or two Strips can be used, depending on security needs
  • Highly flexible so that it can be easily bent and stretch
  • Tape Strips are designed to prevent the edges of the barrier from lifting and rolling.
  • Skin-friendly as they absorb moisture
  • Y-shape has wider strips, ideal for outward areas such as a Hernia


How to choose the right Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strips for your ostomy?

Hydrofiber Technology Benefits
For Extra-Wide Barrier

Hydrofiber Technology Benefits
For Square Barrier

Hydrofiber Technology Benefits
For Round or Oval Barrier

  • Rectangular Strips are perfect for anyone using a square barrier.
  • The Y-Shape provides extra wide coverage, making it the perfect barrier strip for hernias, folds, or rounded abdomens.
  • The more familiar curve shape wraps around the wafer and extends the coverage to help combat leaks.
  • All three shapes do a great job of preventing the edges of your wafer from rolling up.
  • When the wafer rolls up along the edges, it can get caught on clothing and cause leaks as the wafer is pulled from the body.


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How to use Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strips?

  1. Take the Brava Elastic Strip to stick around the barrier.
  2. Its elastic technology will follow body movements and contours.
  3. Make sure the Coloplast Skin Barrier strip should cover part of the adhesive.
  4. One can use either one or two strips, depending on where it needs extra security.


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