Coloplast Brava Ostomy Care Skin Barrier Spray

Coloplast Brava Ostomy Care Skin Barrier Spray

Brand/Manufacturer: COLOPLAST
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  • FSA Approved

Coloplast Brava Skin Barrier Spray creates a protective film on the skin, guarding against issues related to leakage and adhesives without compromising the barrier's adhesion. This sting-free Brava Skin Barrier forms a lightweight, breathable film on the skin, shielding it from harm. It dries rapidly without leaving any residue, ensuring the user is prepared for the application of a new barrier.

Features of Coloplast Ostomy Skin Barrier Spray

  • Travel-friendly size
  • Dries in seconds with no residue
  • Available in spray and wipe form
  • Creates a protective barrier on the skin
  • Silicone-based and alcohol-free


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Item # Desc Pkg Price
120205 1.7oz (50mL), Spray Bottle Each

Benefits of Coloplast Brava Skin Barrier Spray

  • Alcohol-Free and Won't Sting
  • Protects Skin Against Damage From Adhesives
  • Leaves a Thin and Breathable Film on the Skin
  • Does Not Build Up Residue on the Skin
  • Wipes Are Individually-Wrapped for Greater Convenience

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Coloplast Brava Skin Barrier Spray FAQs

Can this be used on wet skin?

It's recommended to use the Brava Skin Barrier Spray on clean and dry skin for optimal adherence and effectiveness. If your skin is wet, it's advisable to pat it dry thoroughly before applying the barrier spray.

What is Brava skin barrier spray used for?

Brava skin barrier spray is used to protect the skin around ostomy sites from irritation and damage.

Is this Skin Barrier Spray silicone-based?

Yes, the Brava Skin Barrier Spray is silicone-based. Silicone is often used in ostomy care products for its barrier properties and skin protection.

Can the Coloplast Barrier Wipes be reused?

No, the Coloplast Barrier Wipes are typically designed for single-use application. It's recommended to use a new, individually-wrapped wipe for each application to ensure cleanliness and effectiveness.

Is the Brava Skin Barrier alcohol-free?

Yes, the Brava Skin Barrier is alcohol-free. This feature makes it suitable for individuals with sensitivity to alcohol, and it ensures a sting-free experience during application.


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