Trio Silvex Silicone Convex Ostomy Seal

Trio Silvex Silicone Convex Ostomy Seal

Brand/Manufacturer: TRIO OSTOMY USA
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  • FSA Approved

Trio Silvex Silicone Convex Ostomy Seal designed with the wearer in mind offers a soft silicone seal for use when mild convexity is required. The skin-friendly, soft silicone gel allows for greater comfort whilst providing instant adhesion and a perfect custom fit. Trio Silvex will stretch around your stoma filling creases and contours through close conformity, reducing any gaps between the skin and the seal where effluent can escape. It removes in one piece leaving no residue.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
REF1020CX Size 1, 20mm - 30mm Stoma 10/Pack
REF1030CX Size 2, 30mm - 40mm Stoma 10/Pack

Benefits of Trio Siltac

  • - Flexible and stretchy formula – provides a custom fit for everybody stoma shape
    - Allowing peristomal skin to breath – does not cause a build up of sweat
    - Would not absorb body waste – allows for a hygienic seal that keeps its integrity
    - Sticks to skin quickly – allows for fast bag changes and added security
    - Removes in a single piece – leaves no sticky residue and removes without pulling on peristomal skin

    - Trio Silvex Silicone Convex Ostomy Seal makes an innovative use of soft silicone technology to produce a convex seal that allows the skin to breathe, stretches to shape and lightly hugs the stoma
    - Works completely different from traditional hydrocolloid products in a way that it does not absorb moisture or body waste
    - For the first time, one can have a clean and hygienic seal
    - Maintains integrity and shape to provide a longer-lasting seal
    - Reduced risk of leakage, extends wear time of the ostomy appliance
    - Promotes comfort due to high level of flexibility
    - Pouch change regime can be quicker, easier and cleaner
    - Atraumatic removal – less skin irritation

Trio Silvex Responsive Silicone Technology

  • This technology has been developed over several years to provide you with uncompromised security and comfort
    - Unlike dated hydrocolloid ostomy care products, silicone does not absorb sweat from the skin surrounding your stoma or body waste. Because of this, silicone ostomy care products maintain their integrity throughout days of usage and therefore maintain adhesion
    - With no sweat or body waste being absorbed, silicone ostomy care products also offer a more hygienic alternative to hydrocolloid products. This helps avoid damage to the skin surrounding your stoma and calm already red, sore skin
    - Ostomy care products manufactured with Responsive Silicone Technology also provide unique flexibility. This allows ostomates to enjoy the comfort they deserve and need to partake in the excitement of life

    Directions For Use:
    - Step 1: Take the pack containing the Silvex seal from the dispenser carton, then peel and dispose of the lid from the clear plastic blister
    - Step 2: Grip the blister’s peel tab with one hand, and using the thumb of your other hand, gently rub the edge of the Silvex seal away towards the center of the blister
    - Step 3: Then using the thumb and forefinger, carefully pull the seal from its pack. It is normal for the seal to adhere to the blister pack, but it has been designed to be strong enough to be pulled free from the blister without tearing or damage
    - Step 4: Before applying the seal, it is very important to ensure your skin is dry. The seal will not stick to wet skin. Taking the edge of the seal in both hands, stretch it around your stoma. You will find that Silvex stretches smoothly and easily and is very tacky in order to form a secure seal around your stoma
    - Step 5: Then allow Silvex to retract around your stoma to form a comfortable seal. Silvex has been designed to conform and seal around any shape of a stoma, so there is no need to mold it to shape; its gentle elasticity will form the seal by itself
    - Step 6: Once Silvex has sealed around your stoma, gently press it onto the peristomal skin surface. Now place your ostomy pouching system directly onto the surface of the seal as normal, and hold it in place until secure.
    - Note: Silvex is available in two sizes and care should be taken to select the correct size that will retract sufficiently to form a perfect seal around your stoma. When removing your pouching system Silvex will normally just peel off with the wafer, or if not, it can easily be peeled from the skin in one piece leaving no residue

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