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An ostomy is a surgical procedure that causes a change in the usual way urine or stool exits the body. An ostomy can be temporary or permanent. The bodily waste is rerouted from its normal path because of the urinary or digestive system malfunctioning parts. Ostomy surgery is a life-saver that allows bodily waste to pass through an abdominal stoma into a pouch or bag outside the body or a bag created surgically inside the body for continent diversion surgeries. An ostomy may be necessary due to congenital disabilities, cancer, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, incontinence, and other health conditions. They are also needed in the severe abdomen or pelvic trauma caused due to accidents or injuries.


A dark pink opening created by ostomy surgery on the abdomen is a stoma. It is made to collect stool or urine in a pouch worn over the stoma for most ostomies.

Types of Ostomy Pouches

1. Closed Pouch

Closed ostomy bags are one-time-use pouches sealed all around the bottom. Closed pouches are best apt for people with less discharge.

2. Drainable Pouch

Drainable pouches do not require frequent changing. These are open-ended with a secure closure to empty the bag, clean it, and reuse it.

3. Urinary Pouch

Urine drainage bags attached to a catheter put inside the bladder collect urine.

New Image Pouches

Hollister New Image Two-Piece Systems offers the best features, including the most discreet profile and floating flanges for better flexibility. Also available are drainable pouch with filter and Lock n Roll Closure. They are made of rustle-free material. New Image Pouches have a waterproof, integrated AF300 filter that allows gas and air to escape but keeps odor and output in the pouch. Liquid cannot penetrate the filter. Thus there is no need for a protective sticker. New Image includes-

  • Choice of secure pouch closure options – clamp or integrated closure
  • ComfortWear panels provide enhanced discretion and comfort
  • Numerous pouch size options to meet individual preferences

The separate skin barrier and pouch connect with a plastic ring or flange with a two-piece pouching system.

Why choose the New Image 2-piece pouching system?

Few reasons why one should use a two-piece pouching design-

  • If one needs to change their pouch more often than the skin barrier.
  • If one needs to shift between different types of pouches. For instance, a smaller pouch while working out or showering or a large pouch during the nighttime.
  • If a standard pouch makes it difficult to center the skin barrier over a stoma.

Integrated Floating Flange

  • Audible clicks signal a secure attachment
  • Discreet low profile attachment of the pouch to the barrier

CeraPlus Skin Barrier

The CeraPlus skin barrier with remois technology infused with ceramide skin’s naturally occurring protection against dryness is designed to maintain the features that include - 

  • Protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Maintaining good peristomal skin health
  • Decreasing the transepidermal

Where can I buy Hollister New Image Products?

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