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Safe and reliable, our adhesives range includes adhesive tacks, gaskets, strips, thinners, cements, pads and silicone adhesive. Our gaskets are oval in shape and very harmless, even for sensitive skin. They provide extra security and less irritation than liquid cements. We have adhesive discs with are ideal for those ostomates who cannot tolerate liquid adhesives.

Ostomy appliances comprise a unique form of adhesive referred to as pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). PSAs increase instant adhesion when light pressure is applied. There are numerous PSAs in everyday use where there is a need to temporarily join materials e.g. nicotine patches, masking tape and pricing labels all contain PSAs

Importance of the ostomy adhesive

The operation adhesive plays a crucial role in product performance by suggests that of helping the operation bag and protective the peristomal skin from being exposed to stomal effluent. The composition of the adhesive may be very essential in the overall performance of the equipment, allowing it to stick effectively to the skin and absorb moisture all through wear.

Types of Ostomy adhesive

Medical Adhesives

Medical adhesives are used to connect medical devices like ostomy appliances, respiratory devices, catheters, syringes and needles, tube sets, oxygenators, etc. Medical grade adhesives form high-strength, clear bonds to medical plastics, metal, and glass.

Liquid Adhesives

Liquid adhesives are commonly used with 2-Piece Ostomy bags where ostomy barrier sticks to the liquid adhesive to form a bond to the pores and skin surrounding the stoma.

Ostomy Paste

Ostomy Paste is needed to fill uneven skin texture and provide a good surface to attach ostomy appliances thereby protecting the surrounding skin and presents for an extended put on time.

Adhesive Tape Disc

Adhesive tape discs come with adhesive on both sides for fixing conventional pouches and mounting spherical ostomy appliances to the frame.

Where to buy Ostomy Adhesive online?

Ostomy Adhesives are used to attach ostomy products and external catheter to and from the body. At Shop Ostomy Supplies we offer a wide range of safe and reliable ostomy adhesives from top manufactures such as Torbot, Nu-hope, Urocare, Atos Medical, Convatec.

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