Ostomy Paste


Ostomy paste is used as caulking to fill in gaps and creases. The paste helps to even-out the skin surface around the stoma. It is most frequently used at the edge of the inner opening of the flange, as a means to protect exposed skin from stool. It helps to make a better seal with the pouching system and prevent leak- age. The Stomahesive paste is ideal filler in uneven skin surfaces to help increase ostomy system wear time and protect whereas the Brava Strip Paste can absorb moisture and improve the peristomal skin area. Now you can meet all your needs with the wide variety of best brands at shop ostomy supplies.

Tips for Using Ostomy Paste

  • Clean the skin around your stoma completely, therefore, the paste can keep in site higher
  • Never use soaps that will leave a residue because they can interfere with adhesion
  • Make sure your skin is totally dry, modern ostomy products do not adhere to wet skin
  • Ostomy paste can be placed on the wafer or directly on the skin
  • Ostomy paste is less expensive than the barrier rings and seals
  • Ostomy paste is messier Compared to barrier rings or seals.

Ostomy Paste Methods

If you are applying the paste to the wafer to fill the gap between the stoma and wafer, then you will need to gently squeeze the tube of paste and follow the small circle in the center of the wafer until you make a ring of paste. If you wish to sleek it out together with your finger that's fine, it is totally skin safe. You are going to want to put the ostomy paste on the same side of the wafer that goes against your abdomen. Once the paste is in place, you will want to let it set up for a minute so the paste remains in place when you apply the wafer to your stoma. Hold the wafer against your side for a good 30 seconds to make sure the adhesive has a chance to seal. Remember, ostomy paste isn't glue, it is a caulk that will hopefully help your wafer last longer. Ostomy paste is accustomed to fill in uneven areas of skin to change the ostomy wafer to be flush against the abdomen. If your ostomy wafer is right against the skin it'll adhere higher that ought to improve wear time. Ostomy paste isn't associate degree adhesive however it will work sort of a calk. The paste can be applied to the skin or to the wafer and you can place it where you need it. If you have dips or scars around your stoma that keep the wafer from being completely against the abdomen than ostomy paste is a great solution. Once applied, it helps to let the paste set up for a good minute or so to help cut down on the messiness of the paste. Ostomy paste is used with one-piece ostomy pouches similarly as two-piece surgical operation systems.

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