Since 1990, Bard Access Systems has been focussing completely on development, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality medical devices that help in accessing a patient’s vasculature. The delivery of chemotherapy, blood products, antibiotics, and nutrition has become highly effective, easier and safer with Bard Access Systems varied line of specialized products.  

Bard’s global mission is to form an international team that is devoted to improving the lives of patients around the world. One of the Bard’s core values include developing products that help patients cover and recuperate quickly and safely and meet back their family and friends. 

Bard Access Systems Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes vascular access devices. Some of the popular devices include central venous catheters, dialysis and midline catheters, implantable port devices, port access needles, and procedural accessories. Stabilization, drainage and feeding devices are some of the forte. 

Infusion sets have been the top selling product line from Bard Access Systems. There are two main types of Infusion sets that include -  

Features Of MiniLoc Infusion Set 

  • Small footprint ideal for dressing 
  • Low profile 
  • Light weight 
  • Site visibility 
  • Dual lumen port compatible 

Features Of PowerLoc Infusion Set 

  • Power injection capability enables imaging 
  • EZ Huber Safety Infusion 
  • Set + Power Injection Capability = PowerLoc EZ Safety Infusion Set 
  • Integrated Bio-Bag  
  • Padded footprint designed for patient comfort 

Where can I buy Bard Access Systems supplies online? 

We at Health Products For You offer complete range of Infusion sets from Bard Access Systems products such as External Catheter, Infusion Set, Dressing Kit, Foley Catheter and many more at reasonable prices.  

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