Reliamed or Reliable Medical is a leading expert in products that meet home health needs. They have been committed to improve the lives of people with healthcare needs since 1989. Reliamed Products provide complex mobility solutions and other medical equipment for customer seeking optimal outcomes. They design and develop products that belong to various healthcare categories listed below.

Reliamed Products at HPFY

  1. Rehab and Therapy Supplies

    Reliamed is a premier provider of complex rehab technology and medical equipment and supplies. Their experienced resources in the field of rehabilitation and therapy are certified by The National Registry of Rehab Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) and the Rehab Engineering Society of North America (RESNA).
  2. Hospital and Clinical Supplies

    Reliamed Products include high-quality home medical equipment and supplies. Their equipment are designed to keep you safer, more comfortable and independent at home.
  3. Respiratory Equipment and Supplies

    Reliamed has been manufacturing respiratory equipment and supplies since 2001. They are accredited by HQAA and certified for Clinical Respiratory Services for their high quality products and services. They manufacture respiratory products with professionals who are highly credentialed therapists with extensive experience in both adult and pediatric care.
  4. Woundcare Supplies

    Reliamed is a premium provider of wound dressings, tapes and dressing retainers. Their specialized wound care products are proven to produce optimal outcomes. They also manufacture supplies for Ostomy care.

Where to buy Reliamed Products Online?

Shop for Reliable Medical products at Health Products for you (Authorized Retailer). Their popular products include Ostomy and Urostomy Appliance Cleaner, Adhesive Border Foam Dressing, Adhesive Remover Wipes, Coil Packed Suction Catheter, Elastic Tubular Support Bandage and much more. Shop for quality home health care and medical equipment at HPFY at best prices and earn reward$ on every purchase.

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