Urocare Tracho-Foam Adhesive Foam Tracheostomy Discs

Urocare Tracho-Foam Adhesive Foam Tracheostomy Discs

Brand/Manufacturer: UROCARE
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

Urocare Tacho-Foam Adhesive Foam Tracheostomy Discs are soft, pliable foam strips specifically designed for the unique bonding applications of male external catheters to the skin and are suitable for use with both standard and self- adhering type catheters. They provide a comfortable, air-tight seal that is an effective way to secure a male external catheter to the body.

Key Features OfUrocare Tacho-Foam Adhesive Foam Discs:

  • Ensolite Foam 
  • Soft and Pliable
  • Closed-Cell Foam Structure
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Urine, Water & perspiration resistant 

Urocare Tracho-Foam Adhesive Foam Tracheostomy Discs

  • Urine resistant 
  • Easy to apply and remove so when it comes time to change that catheter, it can be changed easily and quickly 
  • With Urofoam strips, a male external catheter can be held in place for up to three days 
  • Ensolite Foam—Hypo-Allergenic 
  • Closed-Cell Foam Structure—for an air-tight seal
  • Soft and Pliable—Easily conforms to irregular contours of the body
  • Urine, Water & Perspiration resistant—It retains its adhesive qualities even underwater
  • Easy to apply and Remove—Just peel n Stick to apply, peel back to remove
  • Latex Free
  • Non Sterile
  • Note: If the disc is difficult to remove, Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads may be used to soften the adhesive and assist in the removal of the disc
  • Also Available (Separately):
    Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads (Code: 5600)

More On Urocare Tracho-Foam Adhesive Foam Discs

  • For Best Results:
    Always apply Tacho-Foam discs to a thoroughly cleaned and dry area of skin larger than the disc itself and centrally located to the stoma.
    All residue, adhesives, etc. must be removed from the flange of the voice restoration system and the flange thoroughly cleaned before application.
  • Application Instructions:
    1. Peel paper backing away from of the disc. Be careful not to touch the adhesive area of the disc.
    2. With the adhesive side of the disc facing the valve housing flange, adhere the disc centrally to the flange. Using your fingers, press gently against the disc to remove any air pockets that may one side only be trapped between the disc and the flange.
    3. Peel away the second paper backing.
    4. Very carefully set the voice restoration system with the adhesive disc attached to the flange to the neck. Be certain to set the unit as close to the center as possible.
    5. Gently press the unit with the disc attached against the neck to remove any air that may be trapped between the disc and the skin to ensure a reliable, comfortable seal.
  • Disc Removal:
    To remove Tacho-Foam discs from skin or appliances, gently begin peeling disc from the edge and continue until the entire disc has been removed.

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