Ileostomy is a surgical procedure involving the removal of a part of the ileum or small intestine and the cut end is then diverted into an artificially created hole in the abdominal wall. Ileostomy pouches are either one-piece or two-piece system and drainable therefore allowing the user to empty it out easily. Appliances needed for ileostomy include ileostomy drainable bags, pouches, flanges, barriers and accessories all of which are designed to provide maximum security and protection. Skin protectants are also needed to ensure there is no irritation because of the digestive enzymes and acids within the ileum.

Types of Ileostomy

Temporary Ileostomy

Certain Intestine problems can be treated by giving it rest.A temporary Ileostomy is created to keep bowel empty. It can take a few weeks or months, or in some cases even years to heal. After proper healing, the surgery is removed and the bowel will work like before it did.

Permanent Ileostomy

When part of the bowel is permanently diseased. It that case a permanent ileostomy must be done. The damaged parts of the intestine and anus are removed. In this case, the ileostomy is not ever expected to be removed.

Standard Ileostomy

The standard ileostomy surgery is done most often. The end of the small intestine is force through the paries and is turned back and sutured to the skin, leaving the sleek, rounded, inside-out small intestine as the stoma. The stoma is usually in the right lower part of the abdomen, on a flat surface of normal, smooth skin. The fecal output is not controlled. This means you’ll need to wear a collection pouch all the time, and need to empty it on regular basis.

Continent Ileostomy

A continent ileostomy is another type of standard ileostomy. In that Patient doesn't need to wear an external pouch. It is made by looping part of the ileum back on itself so that a pocket is formed inside the abdomen. A small valve is created from part of the ileum. A few times each day you can put a catheter to drain the waste out of the reservoir inside your belly

Types of pouching systems

A pouching system is needed to collect ileostomy Waste. Pouches come in different styles and sizes. The 2 main types of pouching systems available are:

One -Piece Ileostomy Pouch

One-piece pouches are attached to the skin barrier permanently. the pouch collects the waste and the skin barrier fits around the stoma to protect the skin. Such as ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Cut-to-Fit Transparent Drainable Pouch With Stomahesive Skin Barrier

Two-piece Ileostomy Pouch

Two-piece systems consist of a skin barrier and a pouch as seperate component. Ostomy pouch can be taken off and put back on the Skin Barrier according to user needs. such as ConvaTec Esteem Synergy Two-Piece Pre-Cut Stomahesive Skin Barrier With Tape Collar

Depending on your needs and design of the skin barrier or wafer of the pouch, you can cut a hole out for your stoma, or it may be sized and pre-cut. It’s designed to protect the skin from the stoma output and be as gentle to the skin as possible. Ileostomy Pouches of one-Piece and 2-piece systems are drained through an opening at the bottom. They are made from odor-resistant materials and can vary in cost. Pouches are either clear or opaque and come in different sizes.

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