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Urostomy is when a urinary diversion is created through surgery in cases where normal process of urine drainage is not possible because of a diseased or damaged urinary tract. An opening is created in the abdomen to allow the urine to pass through a stoma into a drainable pouch. There are different types of devices that are required by an urostomate. These include urostomy bags (one- and two-piece), drainable pouches, stoma covers, skin barriers and more. These products are designed to provide full-proof security to the user ensuring no leakage and no embarrassing odors. The material used is skin friendly allowing no rashes, skin soreness or irritation. Top brands like Assura, SenSura Mio, Premier and Microskin are featured here. All our products are priced competitively so you can be sure of huge savings.

How to empty Urostomy Pouch?

  • Sit as far back on the toilet as you can.
  • Place a small strip of toilet paper in the toilet to decrease splashing.
  • Hold the bottom of the pouch up and open the valve.
  • Gently empty the contents right into the toilet.
  • Close the valve.
  • Dry the end of the valve with toilet paper.

Types of Pouching System


One-Piece pouches are attached to skin barrier permanently. The pouch collects effluent discharge while the skin barrier fits around the stoma to protect the skin.1-piece pouch are available in three different forms Urinary,Closed and Drainable with stoma opening pre-cut, cut-to-fit and moldable


Two-piece systems are made up of a skin barrier and a pouch that can be taken off and put back on the barrier.This makes pouch changing convenient while the barrier stays intact with skin. 2-Piece Systems have an added advantage since any size of pouch can be used with them.

Where to buy Urostomy products online?

Urostomy is process of creating urinary diversion through surgery when normal process of urine drainage is not possible because of a diseased or damaged urinary tract. Shop Ostomy Supplies offers a wide range of Urostomy products from top brands such as Sur-Fit, Esteem Synergy, Stomahesive, Activelife, Little Ones. Purchase now!

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