Coloplast SenSura Xpro One-Piece Convex Light Extended Cut-to-Fit Maxi Transparent Drainable Pouch

Coloplast SenSura Xpro One-Piece Convex Light Extended Cut-to-Fit Maxi Transparent Drainable Pouch

Brand/Manufacturer: COLOPLAST
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Coloplast SenSura Xpro One-Piece Convex Light Extended Cut-to-Fit Maxi Transparent Drainable Pouch offers security, comfort and discretion combining the unique double-layer adhesive with bag. The double-layer barrier is permanently attached to the pouch, to change the pouch, the whole appliance is removed and replaced at once. EasiClose WIDE outlet is 1/2" wider than many drainable outlets, and has an integrated Velcro closure that can be easily tucked away.

6 Reasons to buy SenSura Xpro One-Piece Convex Light Ostomy Bag

  1. Transparent ostomy pouch
  2. Cut-to-fit
  3. Convex light
  4. Maxi pouch size
  5. Latex-free
  6. EasiClose outlet makes pouch extra-easy to empty and clean


Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Price
15696 Stoma Size: 5/8" to 1-11/16" (15mm to 43mm) 10/Pack
15695 Stoma Size: 5/8" to 1-5/16" (15mm to 33mm) 10/Pack

Why choose Coloplast SenSura Xpro 1-Piece Convex Light Extended Pouch?

  • Comes with belt tabs and filter
  • Coloplast SenSura Xpro One-Piece Drainable Pouch is made of soft non-woven fabric which is strong and water repellent
  • Unique SenSura adhesive has two layers, designed to deliver the security needed to live every day with confidence:
    1. Protection Layer - Protects the skin from stoma output
    2. Skin care Layer - Keeps skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture
  • Comes with an integrated filter that neutralizes odor and avoids the risk of the pouch "ballooning" and causing unnecessary bulges
  • Oval shape of the convex light barrier is designed to help a stoma that is difficult to manage
  • Applies light and directed pressure on the peristomal skin to reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude
  • Pouch size: Large, 11-1/2"/655 mL


What to buy with SenSura One-Piece Ostomy Pouch


How to use SenSura Xpro 1-Piece Ostomy System?


  1. Trace the size and shape of the stoma on the stoma guide. Cut the hole to fit the size and shape of the stoma. To reduce the risk of leakage and skin problems it is very important that the hole in the adhesive fits perfectly around the stoma. Ensure that the skin is clean and dry before you proceed with the application of the pouch. If you have an open pouch please remember to close the outlet
  2. Place the thumb on the white tab and pull the blue/ turquoise release tab away to remove the protective film.
  3. Apply the adhesive around the stoma. To ensure the perfect fit, fold the pouch backward, align the adhesive around the stoma, and press it firmly onto the skin. Start at the bottom and smooth it upwards with your fingers.
  4. Pull down the white removal tab to loosen the adhesive from the skin. Gently remove the adhesive by rolling it step by step downwards. Apply light pressure on your skin with your other hand.

How to use the EasiClose outlet on Coloplast Sensura Xpro Open Pouches?

Note - Close the outlet before use


  1. Place the pouch on a table or a flat area so the adhesive is downwards. Bend the lower, small plate over the upper, large plate
  2. Fold the outlet twice – until you see the velour plate
  3. Seal the outlet by folding the hook (Velcro) ears onto the velour plate and press firmly
  4. Take hold of the end of the hook (Velcro) ears. Lift both hook (Velcro) ears off the velour plate. Unfold the outlet in the position where you want to empty the pouch.
  5. Allow the contents to run out while you control the emptying with your fingers
  6. Use a tissue or dry wipe to clean the outlet in one sliding the movement away from your body
  7. Fold the small plate backward so that only the large plate is visible. You can now clean the edge. The outlet is now cleaned and ready to be closed again.

SenSura Xpro 1-Piece Ostomy Pouch User Manual

Warning -
Reuse of this single-use pouch may create a potential risk to the user. Reprocessing, cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization may compromise product characteristics which in turn create an additional risk of physical harm to or infection of the patient.






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