Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Transparent Drainable Pouch With Filter

Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Transparent Drainable Pouch With Filter

Brand/Manufacturer: GENAIREX
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Transparent Drainable Pouch With Filter is designed to be discreet, reliable and comfortable. The soft, cloth-like comfort panel material is skin friendly, flexible and quieter so the pouching system moves with the movement of the body and rests softly against the skin. Ideal for people living with a urostomy unique needs.




  • Genairex Securi-T Two-Piece Opaque Drainable Pouch With Filter comes with:
    - One-sided comfort panel
    - Belt tabs
    - 10 filter covers
    - 1 curved tail closure
  • Made with an environmentally safe film that is quiet, light and sturdy
  • Easy access to stoma
  • Reduction in time needed to change the pouch
  • Stoma protected by flange
  • Latex free
  • Length: 12"

More Information

  • Helpful Tips:
    - Empty the pouch frequently, keeping it no more than 1/3 to 1/2 full
    - Put toilet paper in the bowl before emptying your pouch, it minimizes the splashing and sound
    - Eat a few marshmallows 10-20 minutes before you change your appliance. It will slow down high output enough to change the appliance
    - Prop yourself up on your elbow before standing, it helps prevent leaks
    - To prevent a vacuum, separate the two layers of the pouch before applying to allow air into the pouch
    - Lift and carry things on the sides of your legs
    - Use lubricating deodorant to keep stool from sticking to the pouch
    - Using soft toilet paper or baby wipes can help keep your rectum from getting irritated

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