Hollister Premier One-Piece Soft Convex Pre-cut Beige Drainable Pouch With Remois Technology

Hollister Premier One-Piece Soft Convex Pre-cut Beige Drainable Pouch With Remois Technology

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  • FSA Approved

Hollister Premier One-Piece Soft Convex Pre-cut Beige Drainable Pouch With Remois Technology is designed to maintain adhesive properties and features a formulation to help protect the skins natural moisture barrier. The CeraPlus skin barrier is infused with ceramide, a natural component of human skin that helps to decrease transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from damaged or eroded skin. The AF300 filter allows for a slow release and deodorization of gas from the pouch.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
8960 0.75" (19mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack
8961 0.875" (22mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack
8962 1" (25mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack
8963 1.125" (29mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack

Features of Hollister Drainable Pouch

  • Hollister Premier One-Piece Soft Convex Pre-cut Beige Drainable Pouch With Remois Technology has the integrated lock n roll microseal closure that utilizes plastic interlocking fasteners to create a secure closure at the bottom of the pouch
  • Helps to maintain good peristomal skin health
  • Tape border
  • Extended wear skin barrier
  • Beige with viewing option
  • Length : 12" (30cm)
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More Information

  • Pouching System Tips:
    - Prepare your new pouching system before you remove your old pouching system
    - Empty your pouch when it is 1/3 to 1/2 full of discharge or gas. Do not let the pouch overfill
    - Empty your pouch before activities and before bedtime
    - If you notice that you have a lot of gas in your pouch (colostomy or ileostomy) you may want to consider a pouch with a filter
    - The best time for a routine pouching system change is in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink
    - After you apply your skin barrier, press it gently against your skin for about a minute for best adhesion. Gentle pressure andwarmth help with the initial contact
    - If you wear a two-piece pouching system, try placing the skin barrier on your body in a diamond shape for a smoother fit
  • Skin Care Tips:
    - Remember, less is better when caring for the skin around your stoma
    - For most people, water is sufficient for cleaning the skin. Remember to wash your hands after changing or emptying your pouch
    - If soap is needed, use a mild soap without lotions or creams that may leave a residue or film on your skin. This can interfere with the adhesive
    - Skin protective wipes are not recommended under extended wear skin barriers as this may decrease your wear time
    - Make sure the peristomal skin is clean and dry before applying your skin barrier
    - Things NOT recommended for routine skin care around your stoma: soap with lotions, creams, lotions, powders, baby wipes,isopropyl alcohol, steroidal medications or ointments
    - Skin irritation is not normal. If you discover you have red, broken or irritated skin, seek the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional like a WOC/ET nurse
  • Day-to-Day Tips
    - Change your skin barrier on a routine basis. You will get more comfortable with this after you learn what works best for you
    - Wear time is based on personal preferences and stoma characteristics, but three or four days is considered normal
    - If your wear time becomes erratic or unpredictable, consult your WOC/ET nurse
    - Skin barrier wear time may decrease during warmer seasons when you are perspiring more or during times of increased activity
    - When traveling, plan ahead. Some suggestions include: take extra supplies, pack your ostomy products in your carry-on bagwhen flying, pre-cut your cut-to-fit skin barriers so you don’t need to carry scissors on the plane, and obtain a travel ID whichexplains your need for specific supplies when traveling
    - You can shower or bathe with your pouch on or off
    - If you use a two-piece pouching system, you may find it convenient to switch to a different pouch for the shower so that thepouch you wear stays dry
    - When emptying your pouch, rinsing it out is not necessary. A lubricating deodorant may make emptying easier. Do not put oilsor cooking sprays in your ostomy pouch
    - Store your extra supplies in a cool, dry place
    - Routine follow-up with your WOC/ET nurse is recommended

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