Dansac Duo Soft Two-piece Opaque Mini Closed Pouch With Filter

Dansac Duo Soft Two-piece Opaque Mini Closed Pouch With Filter

Brand/Manufacturer: DANSAC
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  • FSA Approved

Dansac Duo Soft Two-Piece Opaque Mini Closed Pouch With Filter has a 100 percent active carbon filter (with a capacity of approximately 20 liters) and is covered with non-woven, water-repellent polymer fabric on both sides. The filter is not liquid proof and should be covered by the enclosed tan filter patch when taking a bath, showering or going swimming.




  • Dansac Duo Soft Two-piece Opaque Mini Closed Pouch With Filter comes with 30 filter patches
  • Cloth/Comfort panel on both sides
  • Pouch size: 6-3/8"L x 5"W (160mm x 125mm)
  • Capacity: 290ml

More Information

  • In the Dansac Duo Soft two piece system you can mix and match wafers (skin barriers) and pouches/stoma caps, but you have to use items with the same Ring Size! If your stoma is less than 1 1/8" (28 mm) you would probably use the wafer with the smallest ring size, which is 1 7/17 (=36 mm, Ring Size 36): Wafers 436-xx, 536-xx of 736-xx. The xx indicates, for pre-cut wafers, the pre-cut stoma opening (in mm) of the wafer, e.g. 536-20 is pre-cut 20 mm. All cut-to-fit wafers end in -15, which in this case indicate the size of the starter hole (15 mm). Wafers starting with 4 (e.g. 436-15, cut-to-fit, Ring 36) have an extended wear barrier, wafers starting with 5 (e.g. 555-35, pre-cut 35 mm, Ring 55) are regular wafers and wafers starting with 7 (e.g. 743-25, pre-cut 25 mm, Ring 43) are wafers with convexity. When selecting a pouch/mini cap/irrigation sleeve, the model # is followed by the Ring Size (e.g. 501-36 is an opaque, closed end pouch, Ring 36 while 512-43 is a clear, drainable pouch, Ring 43, etc).

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