Ostomy Skin Care



Ostomy skin care is very crucial for Ostomy Patients. It is a comfortable and secure experience especially for people with heavy drainage leakage and skin irritation could be a major issue. Ostomy paste, powder and protectants helps in protecting Sensitive skin from harful ostomy ashesives. To keep peristomal skin healthy you need to take good care and hygiene. These products also help by increasing the wear time that means fewer changes, reduced cost and lesser skin stripping due to frequent changes.

Types of Skin Care Products

Ostomy Odor Eliminators

Ostomy Odor Eliminators help in getting rid of unplesent and embarrassing odors associated with ostomy bags with the whole line of deodorants and sprays.Such as Odor Eliminator drops are added inside the ostomy Pouch after cleaning. And a few pumps of Odor eliminator spray eliminates foul odor.

Ostomy Paste

Ostomy paste is used to fill in gaps and creases. The paste helps to even-out the skin surface around the stoma. It is most frequently used at the edge of the inner opening of the flange, as a means to protect exposed skin from stool. It helps to make a better seal with the pouching system and prevent leak- age.

Ostomy Powder

Ostomy Powder is used to absorb excess moisture from irritated skin around the stoma opening. It can be used with a colostomy, ileostomy or a urostomy. Stomahesive powder is not for preventing skin irritation. it only keeps the skin dry.

Skin Proctants

Skin Proctants Barrier wipes and creams help prevent sores appearing on the skin. But they do not prevent adhesion. These wipes have a liquid that dries very quicky when applied to the skin, and form a thin film providing protective layer between the skin and the adhesive components. The barrier cream manages sore, dry and irritated skin It provide a moisturising effect to the skind around the stoma.

Barrier rings and seals

Barrier rings and seals are designed to prevent ostomy leaks and shield the stomal skin. This product is positioned below your flange to fill in any gaps between your stoma and ostomy barrier. it is made from a special fabric that expands while it comes into contact with output. the skinny, flexible design makes it smooth to mold around your stoma

Ostomy Adhesive

They provide extra security and less irritation than liquid cements. We have adhesive discs with are ideal for those ostomates who cannot tolerate liquid adhesives. Ostomy appliances comprise a unique form of adhesive referred to as pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that increase instant adhesion when light pressure is applied.

Adhesive Removers

Adhesive Removers arrives in shapes of wipes and sprays and assist to do away with any residue from the skin which could lessen the effectiveness and toughness of skin adhesives thereby increasing the wear time of the product. People using devices like drainage tubes, ostomy pouches, and External catheters might also require adhesive removers.

Ostomy dressings

Ostomy dressings sticks securely to the skin, and can be removed easily and are made up soft, absorbent pad bonded to a pressure sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive. The dressings with strong adhesive around the stoma provide maximum protection from leakage.

Where to buy Ostomy Skin Care Products online?

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