Hollister Incorporated brings to you the highest standard of quality in medical products and services. It is an independently-owned global company that develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products. The product pipe line includes Ostomy care, Continence Care, Bowel Care, Wound Care and Tube Fasteners. Today, with advanced ostomy pouching systems and a comprehensive range of ostomy accessories, Hollister provides leading-edge solutions for ostomy management. Hollister Continence Care products are designed to help people with urinary incontinence. Under Bowel care, they provide catheters and fecal collectors. Hollister Wound Care is committed to accelerating the science and technology of wound healing by developing innovative products such as dressings, foams, etc. Tube fasteners from Hollister combine the integrated skin-friendly skin barrier and innovative clamping mechanisms of each tube fastener which help safeguard skin health while allowing better access for site care.