Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch with FlexTend Skin Barrier
Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch with FlexTend Skin Barrier

Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch with FlexTend Skin Barrier

  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch with FlexTend Skin Barrier provides an effective way to manage urine output for non-ambulatory patients. It is meant to be connected to leg bag or gravity drainage, universal connector fits most leg or night drainage bag systems. It safely conducts urine through a convenience drain that is easy to open, closes securely and adapts to drainage bags. May be a good alternative when external catheters are not an option because of insufficient shaft length.

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9873 7-1/2"L x 4-1/2"W (19cm x 11cm), 250ml Capacity 10/Pack $131.86 $86.85


  • Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch with FlexTend Skin Barrier is recommended for home care use
  • Flextend skin barrier is thin and flexible, offers durable adhesion, and is resistant to moisture
  • Odor is controlled by use of exclusive odor-barrier film that is lightweight, strong and transparent
  • Designed to be worn for more than one-day wear time
  • Cut-to-fit skin barrier provides custom fit and is designed for comfort
  • Transparent film provides a clear view that helps simplify application
  • Includes tape strips and skin gel wipe
  • Note:
    - Do not use this product if the penis or scrotal skin is compromised, if the tip of thepenis retracts below the level of the scrotal skin, or if the patient is ambulatory.

More Information

  • Sizing the Pouch:
    - Measure the penis area at the base of the shaft (Using the Hollister Male External Catheter (MEC) Sizing Guide)
    - Trace a circle with the measured diameter onto the paper backing of the Male Urinary Pouch
    - Cut the opening with blunt edge scissors
  • Preparing the Patient
    - Thoroughly wash and dry the penis and surrounding scrotal area
    - Do not apply any skin prep, powder, lotion or ointment to the shaft or surrounding scrotal area
    - Trim excess hair on the penis and immediate scrotal area
  • Application to the Patient
    - Close the capped end of the pouch
    - Remove the paper backing from the adhesive side of the pouch
    - With one hand smooth the scrotal tissue as much as possible, and with the other hand, apply the pouch adhesive side to the smoothed scrotal skin with the penis centered in the opening
    - Hold the pouch in place by hand for about a minute (Warmth of hand and skin tissues helps activate the adhesive)
    - Uncap the pouch and attach tubing to a gravity drainage urine collector

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