2-Piece Ostomy Bags


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What is a Two-Piece Ostomy System?

In Two-Piece System the ostomy pouch & skin barrier are two separate components. This makes pouch changing convenient while the barrier stays intact with skin. Two Piece Systems have an added advantage since any size of pouch can be used with them. Two Piece Systems are available in three different forms - Drainable, Urinary and Closed with stoma openings like cut-to-fit, pre-cut and moldable. Choice can be made in barriers like Standard, Extended-wear and Extra-Extended. Avail exciting offers and discounts in each category.

Types of Two-Piece Ostomy Pouching Systems

There are different types of two-piece ostomy systems and choosing one will depend on your personal needs. One criterion for selection is surgery type - ileostomy, colostomy or urostomy. Your selection will depend on the surgery you have had.

Drainable ostomy bags

Drainable ostomy bags had an opening at one end to empty the ostomy pouch. The opening is then closed tightly with a clamp to keeps the output securely within the bag.

Closed ostomy bags

Closed ostomy bags cannot be emptied out. It has to be disposed when full. If you lead an active lifestyle then a closed pouch is more convenient because there are fewer risks of leaks and odor and you do not have to worry about drainage.


Ostomy Pouchs are available in three forms – 

Opaque is for users who want discretion and do not wish to view the pouch content. Transparent is more for those who want to monitor the output. Those who like to go swimming should use a closed pouch with an integrated filter which neutralizes odor and avoids ballooning of the pouch. The filter allows the odor to pass out without letting fluid escape from or enter the pouch.

Types of Skin Barriers with Two-Piece Ostomy Systems

What are the Advantages of 2-Piece Ostomy Bag?

The advantages to the Two-Piece Ostomy System are:

  • Skin feels gentle as Flanges or Wafers remain in place for two to four days.

  • You can change the size of the bag you are using; smaller bags can be great for intimacy or swimming.

  • Changing bag can be fast, the old bag can be removed and a new one can be attached quickly and easily. This is perfect for running errands, parties, or anytime you are away from home.

Where to buy 2-Piece Ostomy Bag online?

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