Intimacy and Ostomy

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After you have accepted and adapted to new ways of doing things. You have already proven that you can achieve anything you desire. When it comes to the desire of companionship, romance, serious relationship or social acceptance you have to take a step ahead. A normal concern will always arise, whether your partner will accept the way you are or not.

Go Easy On Yourself

How you see yourself in the mirror including what you feel about it, affects you. It is however important to realize that it does not change your ability to love and commit. People who really care for you understand this fact. Happiness and contentment within you will lead to the harmony in a relationship. Telling about your ostomy to someone is surely not the easiest task you have done. You can always choose whom you want to and when you want to tell. It is always better to tell in the early stage of relationship as the adverse reaction of letdown is not as harsh as it might be later. Also it gives a good indication of the person's feelings about the real you.

Have Patience

A lot of times the first few dates with a new person is fun but not exactly conducive to really getting to know each other. Clubs are loud, restaurants have lots of other people around, and other activities like concerts or baseball games don’t allow for intimate chit chat. Have a date where you and your partner would actually talk to each other and get to know in a better way. Explain your love partner clearly and briefly about ostomy in the simplest way. Technical detail is not required until asked. Let your partner get comfortable and understand why it is important for you. Tell him/her why you have gone through this surgery and it does not affect your daily activities and enjoyment. Don’t rush; give enough time to think it through. Feel free and calm if ostomy topic comes up.

Move Further

The way you attend your personal hygiene before intimacy, hygiene for ostomy is equally important.

  • The pouch should be fastened securely.
  • Unless intimacy is spontaneous, empty or replace the pouch beforehand.

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During intimate moments, you might be concerned with hurting your stoma or dislodging the pouch. Especially during the first encounter after surgery, it is natural for you and your partner to have this fear. Intercourse will not harm the ostomy nor will most positions. Men can wear covering like Options Style 93206 Mens Brief With Open Crotch And Built-in Ostomy Barrier Support and women can go for Options Style 83002 Ladies Brief With Open Crotch and Built-In Barrier Support , in which the pouch can be safely tucked in. In case if you want to internally treat odour you can use Parthenon Devrom Chewable Internal Deodorant Tablets . To help prevent leakage in ostomy pouches and make stomal fluids more manageable you can use Parthenon Par-SORB Ostomy Travel Size Absorbent Gel Packets it converts the stomal fluid into gel, eliminate pouch noise and improves confidence.